Discussion TCE MKII and Elite Dangerous Market Connector

I'm trying to use TCE MKII with EDMC, but TCE is saying there's a lug in error, and it can't authenticate... and when I try, it takes me to the authentication page, but when I type in e-mail and password, it just downloads a new version of Elite Launcher. Same with EDMC... if I click "update" it takes me to the frontier authentication page, and again tries to download launcher.

See attached image.

I'm pulling my hair out here.


Tried that... deauthorised EDMC, started it alone.. it tries to auithenticate... I select EDMC to authenticate it, then the same thing... after typing in e-mail and password, it tries to download Elite Launcher again.
Hi. I am new to Elite Dangerous and am trying to setup TCE MkII but keep getting "Multiple entries of VerboseLogging detected at the AppConfig.xml file, please remove the entries! Closing TCE. TCE closes and opens the Elite Dangerous x64 folder. I have EDMC running and setup fine. TCE as permission to my Frontier account as well.

Issue resolved....zipped a copy of file for safety then deleted.....TCE works correctly now.
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