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Didn't find anything on this previously and, well, most people have an opinion here.

Personally, I've always been about coffee. Became a bit obsessed about it a few years back and haven't really turned back since. Been roasting my own beans for almost 9 years now and enjoy a fresh, manual drip every morning and usually an espresso or reheated cup for that afternoon pick-me-up.
Mazzer stepless grinder, Two head San Remo Machine, But after 15 years a barista I hated the 'Laaaaaaahhhhhhttttaaaaayyyy' drinkers, coffee does not need milk, neither does tea. Earl Grey, Black, 4 mins, no sugar. Which idiot decided bovine secretions belong in our drinks?

Craft brewerhere, lucky with the soft Cornish water, blessed really. Machine did 15 years in a coffee shop and is as good as new...I miss the 50/50 epresso and brandy drink my Spanish mate taught me. A proper nigghtcap!

Tea! Properly made is king. No milk, no sugar!
I'm a big coffee drinker, but recently I've been giving green tea a try. :)

This Japanese green tea with rice (Genmacha) is pretty amazing when done right, and the Japanese Macha is great to. Ginger tea with a bit of honey and milk is to die for!
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Both. And with every year I become less and less picky about those. In the end it's just a slightly flavored water :) I just like it to have a good kick.
Coffee twice a day. Grind major asons blend and make it in a french press, best coffee i ever had :)
Sometimes matcha, green tea or tetleys british blend as filler during the day.
Honestly in the last couple of months I've kind of given up hot drinks, but if you're twisting my arm my preference is coffee, but tea with sugar is perfectly acceptable.
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