Teaching a big dog new tricks

Tonight my Type-10 learned how to do backflips:


Jokes aside, if any of you like flying Type-10's then be wary in asteroid bases. Since 3.1 dropped the Type-10's winglets don't fold up properly (among a few other problems). Normally this just causes them to clip into station geometry while entering/exiting the hangar. But in these asteroid bases there are walls near the pads that the winglets will clip into while sitting up top. Launching the ship here while the winglet is clipping into geometry causes your ship to be thrown around in random directions at high speeds when releasing from the landing pad.

I really just wanted to share this here because I thought it was funny, and the first time it happened I legit saw my life flash before my eyes. [woah] And also as kind of a PSA about the current bug for any other T-10 commanders out there that weren't aware so they can be on the lookout and not get caught with their pants down. o7
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