Team Missions: Take a page from Payday 2's book

There's a huge opportunity to be had by creating different team missions with slightly modified conditions:

1. If alarms are not disabled and guards are killed, reinforcements start immediately arriving every minute.
2. When alarms are disabled (perhaps as a last ditch to being discovered), you have a two minute window of safety to do some prep work, then reinforcements start arriving every minute.
3. Reinforcements increase in difficulty as time goes on.
4. Run times on sample removal, uploads, downloads, and power shutdown/startup are increased significantly.

Anyone who's played Payday 2 already knows exactly what I'm talking about. Some missions can be stealthed entirely, but there's a greater likelihood you'll be discovered, and have to dig in and fight an increasingly determined force while your objective completes.

This obviously doesn't have to be all team missions - versions requiring stealth are and should be a thing. But for a player team with its greater resources and presence, the risk of being discovered should be much higher, and the combat should be much more involved and challenging than the few NPCs scattered on the outpost.
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