Tell me it I'm doing the right things

I recently got back from DW2 and I'm rusty on combat mechanics, but I recently have been putting in some effort into the AX work. I used to be able to routinely take out Cyclops's and Basilisks in a purpose-built Cutter. Never attempted a Medusa and I would need new pants if I tried a Hydra (pants, brown; 1 each). I have recently been taking out scouts in the incursion systems in the AX CZs without being in too much danger. I'm using a purpose-built Krait MkII with 4 AX MC's and a Flak Cannon, but haven't seen an interceptor in the CZ's yet. Also have a Decon LC and a collector for those mats. Once all the incursion systems showed "no presence" I have moved to the infested sytems in NHSS 3-4 range.

Here's where my understanding is a little shaky - entirely from reading posts and other sites. I see the incursion systems in the Galnet post and I see that they are updated frequently. I see that every Thursday there are more attacked systems and folks appear to be quickly killing bugs in those incursion systems as evidenced by the bug presence in the Galnet post quickly getting to "no presence", after which no AX CZ's appear in those systems. I may have contributed 150ish scout kills since Thursday. I believe that "infested" systems are the precursor to "incursion" systems. Infested systems cannot be seen on the gal map while incursion systems can be filtered on the gal map. Infested systems can only be found by decoding the Eagle Eye messages and/or waiting till someone else does it and updates the post on this forum. In infested systems, there are the typical NHSS and have no AX CZ's. Kills of any kind, scout or interceptor, all count equally. If enough bugs are killed in an infested system, the threat to that system is gone (has this been observed?); if not enough bugs are killed, the system will have a large station damaged on the Thursday tick and change state to incursion. If incursion is not stopped by the next Thursday tick, another station will be damaged (if available) in that system until the incursion is stopped. No surface stations or outposts are ever attacked. So it seems we need a 3-pronged attack: 1) heavily defend infested systems to prevent station damage due to incursion state, 2) heavily defend incursion systems to prevent further damage, 3) massive hauling effort to repair damaged stations. I have done some hauling in my cutter this week too.

  • The above paragraph is my understanding, please tell me what's right and wrong.
  • If I perform a "brave Sir Robin" and leave a NHSS or AX CZ with boogoos still undefeated, does this somehow count as a "victory" for the bugs and a "loss" for humans?
  • How can we determine if sufficient progress in an infested system has been reached to prevent incursion?
  • I would like to wing up, preferably in open but I am concerned that my AX ship is no match for gankers. Are there groups that I can wing with?
  • In wings, is it worth equipping a healie beam for wing mates? or more generally is there a preferred wing configuration like 3 bug killers and 1 healer or some such arrangement?
  • If all kills count equally, is there any real reason to kill interceptors in these systems, aside from the macho fluffing of plumage and strutting around?
  • any other advice?
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