Terrain / Starter Map Workshop Tag.

I think it would be really great if the workshop tags got cleaned up, it can be a bit of a nightmare, however more specifically: I'd personally love to see a tag that reflects premade terrains for players to use that are not specifically built up parks, but just terrain and decorationsm. Call it Terrain/Landscape/Starting Map.

The problem of tagging PARK means more often then not I'm wadig through 100 fully built parks before I see 1 park in which the terrain has been designed for players to build around.

I think in general, this opportunity and experience is lacking in the game (especially in Challenge mode, where it seems silly to be spending money to edit terrain where if I was an actual deceloper, I wouldn't be buying flat land to make a park in the mountains, I'd buy land in the mountains.) Adding in that some people just hate making terrain or don't have the patience, making bare maps with sculpted terrain independently searchable within the workshop would help alot of players, old and new.

I'm not solid on the ideal nomenclature for the tag but certainly something like "terrain map" "landscape map" "starter map", whichever I'm open to ideas.
I'm seriously wondering why the Workshop tags are such a nightmare. Feel like they could be ordered way and I mean WAY better with categories and sub-categories.
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