Terrain Tools, Scenery and Sandbox Feedback and Ideas.

Thank you so much for the new scenery items, terrain tools and brushes. It’s been a refreshing addition to the game! Here are some ideas and feedback.

Sandbox mode could really use the shale and sand brush in it. There are different options on how to do so, such as releasing a brand new sandbox island, allowing use to have all islands in a campaign mode as sandbox island versions or creating a new “sandbox mode” that uses a separate save system than we currently have.

I like the new vibrant, coastal and crag brushes. My feedback is to remove the green shrubs from the shrub brush out of these brushes (vibrant has unique flower shrubs, leave those in). Also increase the spawn rate of the flowers in these brushes and the reeds in the coastal brush. Make them thicker in other words.

I suggest the vibrant, crag, coastal and shrub brush have the tall grass removed from them. It makes it harder to see smaller dinos. Instead put the tall/ medium grass into it’s own brush. This will give us more control over how we make our landscape. We could have open grasslands without the green shrubs dotting it.

New ideas:

Bamboo brush. Bamboo would fit into a tropical landscape very well. It can be used inside enclosures to hide fences or as alternate to forest. It would be a fun addition to landscaping paths, buildings or gardens. I suggest yellow bamboo to add some color, but if extra colors can be used we could have black, red and green bamboo too.

Floral brush: The new brushes added in some flowers and color. I would like to see more, especially taller flowers. The floral brush could spawn in birds of paradise, cana lilies (Tropicana), orchids and shorter flowering ground cover. Would be great for paths, gardens and sprucing up our enclosures.

Lichen brush- Short lichens that come in all kinds of colors to brush over our shale and rock terrain.

Tall Grass brush- For those who want to hide rather than show off their raptors.

Scenery Ideas:

If new scenery trees are added they should have a more primitive look or be revived extinct species. Monkey puzzle trees and cycads are good examples to use within our parks. Other great flora is cacti to go with sand or unusual trees like baobobs.

New scenery rocks could be basalt columns or be decorative rocks with fossils or cave paintings on them.

Brand new scenery items like statuary or architectural fountains. Statuary should be placeable in water. I also love large flower/plant pots that could be placed around. Would be funny if herbivores tried to eat out of them if they escape.

Fountain alternatives: Small fountains that are meant to be placed in pools of water. Water coming from basalt columns or a courtyard fountain head in the shape of a dinosaur with water coming out of it’s mouth. Creates a ripple effect in the water pool.

Gates: Besides the classic Jurassic Park/ Word gate other kids of Gates to go over paths Would be a fun decoration to add in. Carved wood or stone covered in vines- Gates that show herbivores or carnivores to designate paths to each kind of enclosure.

Terrain Tools:

Red clay soil terrain tool- I always liked the red dirt of some deserts, would be a striking addition.

New paths:

River rock/ pebble Wide and narrow path. Gives a more natural look while still being decorative

Fossil Wide and narrow path. A path that has decorative indentations like dinosaur skeletons, skulls and footprints in it. Or trilobites. Love them trilobites.

Black Brick wide and narrow path- a bit more posh than just red brick. Bricks can be set in interesting patterns.

New Fencing:

Invisible fencing- as seen in the movies. Could have drawbacks like more escapes or going out during power failures

Glass viewing walls- adds to dinosaur visibility. Can only be so long and must have normal fencing in between. Drawback is that it will always be as weak as the light steel fence even when attached to concrete fencing. Smart dinos can figure this out.

Decorative steel fencing: All versions of steel fencing can have a decorative element to it.
Drawback is that it is more expensive. Can be electrified.

Decorative Concrete Fencing: Can be basic and electrified. Could be basic patterns in the concrete or have decorative elements like trilobite images in it. More expensive.

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