[INDEPENDENT] Terran Core Mining Corp Squadron / Faction is Recruiting.

Greetings Commanders,

I am Justin / aka CMDR TerranCore
I am interested in any commander to join our squadron and help us grow.
Terran Core Mining Corp is building a community around having fun and mastering the game.
We will help you exploit everything Elite Dangerous can offer.

This Squadron is focused on Mining/Salvage, but we aim to do a little of everything.
Our Discord and Group are Restarting again from the start.

Our Goal
We hope to get a Squadron (10+) of relatively active players, with a relaxed and cool atmosphere in it.
A Carrier when they come out.
Group Mining Sessions.

I will help with Game mentoring and I am a very casual player but I'm serious about Elite.
I am on Discord all the time.

All potential recruits reply here or better go to the discord server.
Where I can offer you more information just feel free to ask.

The Terran Core Website is Still Under Construction.

Discord: https://discord.gg/tQzAGAH
Home System : OCHOSHEI


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