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Testing heatmaps disappear after coaster derails and resets

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please keep this bug report cause the new heatmap has a bug.

i've experienced on multiple different coasters that (occasionally) there is no redrawing of the live data heatmap and no refresh of the previous run heatmap on further test runs.

I am not sure when this can happen, but chances are high that you get this bug when a test with heatmap runs while same time you're inside camera mode of that coaster.


Btw, the switch between live data and previous run could have been a much nicer idea if the old heatmap version would have been kept inside (by adding the option "Live rewrites Previous" to the heatmap data selector).

Moreover it would be a less annoying feature if the selected data type is the default data type for all available heatmap types.

Cause if you want to "analyze" a heatmap, usually you would check the different heatmap types (fear, excitement, nausea, ... ) of the same run. And not "how was Excitement in the actual run? Ok, that looks good, so let's check Fear of the last run in comparison."


Frontier QA Team
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Hos, please can you create a new report thread for this issue, including a video if possible, so we can ensure all of the relevant info is provided? :rex::face:
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