Thank You Frontier, you made my evening!

Really pleased with what I've messed with in the update tonight - specifically the holiday update/objects. I've gotten a ton of inspiration from my job and how we have the buildings lit up for our WinterFest event and now I'm able to take that creativity and apply it to Planet Coaster. The one object that's been keeping me busy (I haven't even touched the other objects yet) were the "Fairy Lights" (or as we call them Christmas/Holiday Lights). Regardless of name, they're awesome and I can get lost just messing with these alone.

Keep in mind this was only a couple minutes of goofing around so it's probably not a ton to see. But I'm really glad to see this implemented in the game. Will be fun outlining my wooden coasters with the twinkling variety too for that classic wooden coaster appearance!

A very satisfied Planet Coaster customer :)
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