Thank You; On to the Next Adventure! ♥️


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Awwwwwww Chante!
Really sad to hear the news. We're gonna really miss you. You're an amazing CM and a big part of our lovely Planfam.
I've had the pleasure of meeting you a few times and you've always been amazing, kind, warm and funny. I hope we all get to see you all again at the next meet up (whenever that will be).

Good luck in your next adventure. I know you'll shine. 💙
Bye Chante thanks for everything you’ve done for us. Too bad you won’t be with us to the end of PZ but I understand. Good luck the rest of the way.
All the best to you in your future endeavours, Chante!
I really hope the Gamescom Frontier Event wasn't the last we've seen of each other.
Efteling is a great memory and it would be even greater to see you there next time along with everyone else! 🤩

Take care of yourself ✌️
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