Thank you so much for 200,000 Workshop items!

congratulations !

congratulations Frontier
200.000k and counting...
what a great game with a great community !
i have alreday the spooky and adventure packs dlc ,i just miss one ...the studio pack ! who looks fantastic ! [yesnod]
Congratulations! I don't have to be entered for the DLC as I have them already and i am posting way after the 4th haha :)
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Thank you everyone for congratulating Frontier with the 200,000 workshop items on Planet Coaster's Steam Workshop! [big grin]

Please be aware that the giveaway has ended.
200k and counting!!!

Congratulations on hitting 200,000 workshop items, this community keeps on growing and growing and there is no surprise why. I hope this community and game continues to grow and again congrats!
Not to de-rail the thread here. I want to clearly indicate I understand the OP. I couldn't help but notice there were quite a few people posting how displeased they were with Frontiers communication. Many saying they believed the game was all but dead. Here we are over a year later. And Frontier did release new content. The last of which was arguably the best DLC yet. ( this is a personal opinion of mine ) So going forward for all those people who are quick to jump the gun. Realize things take time, and patients could and usually does bring reward. Because Frontier isnt saying something every day does not mean there isn't more in the works. Keep the magic flowing my coaster friends <3
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