❤ Thank you, starting a new chapter.. ❤

Bo Marit

Lead Community Manager
Dear friends,

After an amazing four years, I will be leaving Frontier in July. This was one of the hardest (and saddest) decisions I’ve ever had to make, as this place has been my home away from home for all this time.

When I joined Frontier in 2016, it was totally different than how it is now; we were in a different building (three buildings, actually...), with a much smaller team, and Planet Coaster was just coming out of Alpha. I received the warmest of welcomes, both on the forums and on my first ever livestream, and I knew that this was going to be an incredibly special adventure.

I feel so lucky to have worked with the most amazing communities in the world, most notably on Planet Coaster, Planet Zoo, and Jurassic World Evolution. I’ve been a part of over 30 updates to those games (all major game launches!), countless livestreams and events, and most importantly: have met tons of brilliant people such as yourself!

I got to meet the Coaster Head Club who’ve been close to me for the past few years on many occasions; I got to voice Foxy Coffee, who is equally obsessed with chai lattes as I am; I got to be part of 4 (!) Charity Streams, which meant staying awake for 24 hours while playing games and doing weird challenges like eating maggots or flossing, all to raise money for an amazing cause thanks to the generosity of many…

I interviewed Jeff Goldblum, which was definitely 10 out of 10 Goldblums; I got to work at an E3 booth surrounded by memorabilia of an all-time favourite movie; I LOVED our Efteling meet-ups with my coaster friends; I got to see OKAPIS up close in San Diego Zoo; we worked at the most beautiful Gamescom booth which felt like Planet Zoo had come to life; and I got to hang out with community members and content creators at Frontier Meets around the world.

We’ve sadly lost a few beloved community members along the way; the one that’s etched into my heart is the talented Anneke. Before she passed, she uploaded two unfinished parks to the Steam Workshop, and our PlanCoFam came together and turned them into flourishing memorials, which you can see here. I’m forever thankful to those who made those parks possible and shared the love through our game – it felt like a very defining community moment to me.

This tiny selection are some of my favourite memories, which have made a lasting impact on me not just as a Community Manager, but also as a person. Thank you for being a part of them.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the amazing team that’s been by my side. I’m not sure how to cope without the daily sass of Chanté, or Paul’s evil genius cackle, or Jens’ Norwegian wisdom; or the amazing and driven bunch that form the Elite Dangerous Community Team! Trust me, I am leaving you in very talented and capable hands.

Of course I’m staying in the games industry, so I’m hoping to see you around on my next adventure! Please do stay in touch with me via Twitter (@BoMarit89) – I might even invite myself to an Efteling or Zoo meet in the future!

I wish I could thank you all personally for being part of my journey, and for the most amazing memories I ever could have hoped for. I will miss you all very dearly, and my heart is full of love for you.

Frontier Fam forever,
As, without a doubt, the loveliest and most understanding person I've ever met, thank you so much for everything you've done for the community! You were always the first of many community managers I got to know through streams...but I'll personally never forget meeting you for the first time in 2017 as I was cooped up in SAW - The Ride's bag room while working at Thorpe Park, it really made my day 😂

I wish you nothing but the absolute best for the future, wherever you'll be heading.

Thank you Bo! ❤
Incredibly sad hearing this news Bo, but if you think you need to find other endevours i hope the best for you :D

Probably the saddest part is that we couldnt met up a final time becuase of the covid this year for the planet coaster meetup, but I hope, even if you are not part of Frontier nanymore you can join us again in a future meetup as friends, im sure we would all love to see you again at future meetups.
I will always remember our cheers in vogel rok those last few repeated trips, I will cherise those memories forever.

And im super happy my creation was voiced by you, makes me happy every time I hear her. Long time Bo and Foxy!
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Awww. I'm really sad to see you go, it was always a lot of fun in the streams and at events. But, I wish you the best of luck for the future and I'm really curious to see where you go. Hopefully we can still see you at future events, and theme park meet ups, it wouldn't be the same without you.
Dear friends,

After an amazing four years, I will be leaving Frontier in July. This was one of the hardest (and saddest) decisions I’ve ever had to make, as this place has been my home away from home for all this time.


Frontier Fam forever,
Ouch, saddest news in a while (and yes, that includes EDO and CP2077 being delayed). You'll be missed <3

Godspeed and good luck with your future endeavors o7
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