❤ Thank you, starting a new chapter.. ❤


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Has it only been 4 years? It seems much longer.
Things were indeed very different around here when you started. I remember how nervous you were on your first stream, mind you it was a bit like being chucked in at the deep end ;) and who knew in a short space of time you would rival Ed for his enthusiasm! I remember the first time that I met you at the Planet Coaster launch event, it was the first time I met Elizabeth, Joël and MSB too, you and Ed worked so hard that night.

There have been many good memories since then.
And as well as the games you've worked on, you'll always have your place among the stars too.

I wish you all the best wherever your journey takes you next 💜

Ian Phillips

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So, there's no dutch speaking member of the Community Management team anymore?

Who's going to keep the dutch speaking moderators in line? :devilish:

Wishing you the best for your future, Bo. You've been brilliant whilst at FD and I'm sure you'll continue to be brilliant in your next endeavor.
As I already said on Twitter: I'm really sad to see you go. It always felt like you weren't just doing a job here, but loved the games like some of us do - and I must say, it was something that I never witnessed before joining the frontier community.
Who ever gets you as their new community manager is lucky and I wish you fun, success and a lot of appreciation from the community and your boss in the new job. I'll definately keep on stalking you on twitter, though, so for me that's not a real good-bye ;)
Congratulations on your new job Bo. I hope you love it and I know you'll be amazing.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't gutted that you're leaving though. Right from when you first joined Frontier, you were part of the fabric and your constant warmth, positivity and support for this community made this Planfam what is is today. I want to say a massive thanks for being the glue that holds us all together.

On a personal note, I've had the honour of getting to know you over the years. From the first time I came to Frontier Studios back in 2016, to the many times I've seen you since, your constant generosity of spirit and friendliness have always been a joy. Plus, you're a good laugh :) Don't be a stranger.

So good luck on your new adventure, my lovely, I'll miss you. Hope to see you at Efteling 2021.

Be happy, much love

Malc <3
Very sad news, but I wish you all the best on your coming adventures!
It was lovely to meet you in person at the Planet Coaster launch event, and I am honoured to have won one of your lovely art pieces as part of the Frontier Auctions. I will treasure that even more now!
Please continue to stop by on here when you can, and keep us all up to date with how you're getting on :)
Thank you for everything Bo! It's been incredible (y)
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