Thargoid Achaeology - How to find thargoid sites

I've been meaning to write this a while back but it got so hectic recently I hadn't had the chance to remember to do so.
So there are two things I wanted to tell you about.

The Thargoid Archaeology Discord and the Thargoid Archaeology Trello

Before Thargoid Archaeology.
All conversation regarding the Thargoid sites occurred in one channel, or one forum thread. The conversation was mixed and was a right cluster- tor ead
This was not a good way to work on this an issue that required there were several things that had to be done to find new sites.

Each role needed it's own channel.

Thargoid Archaeology
It streamlines the process of:
  1. Recording audio responses from the Unknown Link to messages derived from the Unknown Device
  2. Transcribing the binary message and Decoding the system that it points to by listening and reading the spectrogram of the recording
  3. Scouting the system, body, and coordinates to confirm the Transcriptions made by first getting the original messages and playing them to the UL in system.

These three were given three channels on our discord and it's been great.

Thargoid Achaeology Trello
While separated channels were great, it wasn't the best coordination tool. people were finding they were recording audio from systems that others have already just finished, or transcribing them that others were already working on.

We needed a better solution.

Thus... the Trello was born.

Anyone can join the trello board and assign themselves to a card which represents one site. They can attach audio to it, comment on it, fill up the obligatory checklist, label them with quick at-a-glance indicators of their status, add images, transcripts and destination systems from each site and move sites to the next list to commence the next stage... It lets people know who's doing what.

Now everything we do feeds into Momo's UL Destination sheet (which feeds into the main Canonn sheet)
and confirmed systems that our scouts find gets submitted using the Canonn US Report form

The majority of us are both in Thargoid Archaeology and Canonn Research's discord.

This sounds interesting how do I even begin to understand any of this?
I'm glad you asked! Have a watch of this:
Have a read of this:

And come look at some of these for details on how to set up:

There's a role for everyone in the three roles and each of them has varying level of technical difficulty.
But I believe everyone can learn them.

I'd like to help out. How do I join.
You could independently fill up Momo's spreadsheet and fill the Canonn US Report form or...
Come join the trello and let folks know which site you're working on. There's a link in the trello in the reference list. (not pictured above to the left)
Link here

I want to keep up to date on the progress of the discoveries.
Introducing Vall's 3D Map!

Blue dot is Merope.

That or the Canonn Threadnaught, their discord, Momo's sheet. (perhaps my twitter from time to time)
Whichever workds for you!

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Vall's map thing is grouse!

You can swirl around in 3D centered on Merope and easily see a core of active sites surrounded by a shell of inactives.

Either the Inactives turn Active and the Thargoid bubble will grow.
Or the Inactive shell is some sort of containment.

Question for the Canonn folks: Is the shell of Inactives at the same distance range as the UA/UP shell?
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The new verification Trello board from Thargoid Archaeology is live

To use trello you need to join the "team" it's how they organise folks in Trello, click here for that if you're not in the team for the original board:

If you are, you will need to manully "join" the board

Feel free to ask questions


Verify each site from US001 to US208 (excluding the permit locked system.)

Verify by going to the system, activating the Unknown Device with a UA, UL and UP and test all destinations in Momo's Sheet.

How to verify
The test is to go into that system, jettison a UL and play the correct message. If it fires its laser, it is the correct system. Consider the systen validated.

Please ensure you only play messages from the same source site :mad:
Team Invite Link. You must join the team then join this board.

- Pick a card, add your name on it, move card to In Progress list.
- Work on it and tick checkboxes.
- When all checkboxes are filled, L move card to either the Passed list or the Failed list depending on whether any fail verification.

When Validating, use the labels:
Validate Passed (No changes required)
Validate Failed (A piece of information was incorrect, include a comment explaining the corrections required)

See the labels above to know which ones you're looking for.

Hope to see you there!
Thanks for the instructions, really nice summary of processing the sites.
Taking quite a bit of training to do the decoding though, but it's good fun.
Kudos to all the nutters who have been doing the transcribing around the clock. o7

+1 for picts, I have issues reading big chunks of text without some sort of breaks. o7
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No worries. There's a lot of neat sites to see. And still a lot of tangential science to do. What do these levithans look like when they weren't being mined?

What does the fully operational base look like?

Helping us validate the messages lets you visit these sites and ask these questions and gawk in awe and wonder at how large these sites really are. Kudos to Frontier.
Good point. I'm taking some screenshots & videos for cataloguing the sites, I'm not sure whether I'm actually seeing some differences in the height of the leviathans at the active sites.
And / or whether there's change over time. Interesting to actually see the difference between these sites as you've pointed out.
It just seems pointless traveling to any more than one or two sites.
That depends on your mission I guess.
If you're sightsteeing, I tend to agree. Swinging by a couple of them may be enough.

We're looking for differences though, and there are subtle differences, we just need to learn a bit more about them.
All the active sites I've been at today have had differences which I'm training myself to recognise. Whether it's anything useful we're recording we just don't know yet.
None of the leviathans have really been catalogued or sorted by anyone. There's a lot of good in-game science and research that can be done on their structures.

What of the most interesting things I've found of late were the leviathan caves.


We're now >50% done with validation of all sites.

I'm heading to one of the more complete sites to do a quick canvas to see if I can catalogue one of the more complete levaithans
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With @BUBENCOV passing US204 We've completed Phase 2: Validation

What did we do?

With 21 people in the team, We started the board on the 5th of July and in 10 days, we validated all 207 systems by correcting several incorrect destinations, site coordinates and finding 2 NEW sites along the way. (US208 and US209) There is still 2 mysteries:

  • US154 does not have a system that points to it. We don't know how @bagofholding found it
  • and HIP 22460. A permit locked system.

What do we do now?

Questions about what we should do now? I have no idea. There should be a meetup if we'd like to do that.

What Olivia expected to do upon completion

My original idea was Thargoid Archaeology as a group will be disbanded. don't worry I'm not eager to press any triggers yet. If it were to, then the discord will be screenshotted and deleted. The trello boards will stay up and may be handed over to archivist who will take care of the data. I am open to ideas:

  • What do you think we should do now?
  • Should we celebrate or Should we have a Phase 3?
  • What would a Phase 3 be about?

A full list of all involved is available here:
Edit: Now even though we validated it, I've very sure we've done everything correct. If in the absolutely miniscule chance we've made a mistake validating and you noticed this in your own personal check, let us know.

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