Thargoid Base (Potential new observation) ?

Hey folks, I am not sure if this amounts to anything and if it does, I am not sure if it has already been covered as there's lots of talk on so many threads/sites about the recent discoveries.

I was in HIP 19026 looking at the dead base/ship and it got me wondering about the roof of the structure and how it is aligned to the gas giant. Has anyone noticed this? - I'm sure this is old news but I just wanted to check just in case. I noticed this whilst in my SRV so I jumped in my asp and flew to the roof to look up and it matches exactly with the gas giant. I am not sure if this is coincidence based on the time I was on the planet and maybe its orbit just happened to match up with the time I was there. So curiously, I wondered if this moon is tidally locked to the gas giant and IT IS!!!! ..[alien][where is it][alien]

Could this mean something? or just all coincidence?

Hmm, what are your thoughts?
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