Thargoid Cargo Reactions Revisited

Awesome work, i’m Getting a strange reaction atm when i have a hold full of Thorgiod cargo. It scans me and turns to the left so i’m Presented with its side.. strange and new since the recent Q2 update, they then turn hostile if i dont give them the goods. I think their pointing at something but dont get a chance to look.

I’ve done a load of scanning of Thorgiod bases and activated a link in multiple i’ve Also collected all the links from one compartment so i had a few at the time.

Hope this helps someone, i’m Finished with the Thorgiod story now, i only use ingame tools and really struggled engaging with it tbh.

Fly safe
did anyone try the list of rare cargo?
I didn't... purely because I'd ask "what's it going to demonstrate? "

I'd forecast that either
  • the thargoid won't scoop them; they behave just like other cargo
  • they do scoop (some of) them, and they function like humanoid cargo

There's nothing to suggest a unique reaction could be found.

Conversely, there's been suggestion the organic life forms littered around the galaxy... especially things like octohedral pods, anomalies, and some molluscs, have thargoid- like characteristics, and are traits potentially "evolved into" Thargoids.

I'd be more interested to see if they respond to samples from these things... if obtainable at all (i haven't seen any evidence of being able to get certain samples, despite their existence)
Thanks for this info, was just what I was looking for.

Can anyone tell me if the following items have been tested for reactions;

Agronomic Treatment
Soontill Relics

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