Thargoid CZ's

Well before the Thargoid threat , when they were just being dicussed in dark corners of the forum; some 'wit' made a joke suggestion that the Thargoids would probably appear neatly packaged in CZ's. It was a joke that FD seem to have gone with as a serious mechanic.

I honestly didn't think they'd go this way with their most important asset/threat/antagonist in the game, famous for having no mercy and ripping pilots out of space. Hate to be this negative but this is lame as all hell; especially if you consider the new game that just launched has a history of happily allowing their alien threat to destroy player owned stations etc. in a organic way.

Can we have something more added, that feels more alive, organic and makes you scared to enter a sector under alien threat; not a happy tour round the sector without getting hassled looking at the various CZ's, disappointed.:(
Well, AX CZs are just a part of it.

There's a new BGS state that happens once the first week of presence ends. Then, the first station burns, the system enters a Thargoid Incursion state, and each week where Thargoids aren't repelled, a station will burn if there's any left, and the entire economy of the system is affected.

That's when those AX CZs appear, but that's also when numerous non human signal sources will happen.

As to why Thargoids aren't in Supercruise and won't interdicted us there is because that's the only part Humans invented, Thargoids can't do supercruise.

Also, who says that pilots jumping to systems under Incursion won't be hyperdicted ?

What would you see added ?
Risk, i'd like to see actual losses if they burn the station and player-owned ships are in it the ships should be lost.

I'd like to be able to see them actually attacking the stations and be able to take part in that combat. If they can't super cruise, then maybe they should be able to pull us from sc into the witch-space they are using against our will.

It all appears quite static and on a 'partake if you wish' basis otherwise the Thargs appear happy to ignore you.
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