Thargoid surge is rapidly expanding.

I took a Clipper out to an AXCZ last night and earned 180,000cr before having to head out, tail between legs, with 36% hull. For a first attempt I was mighty pleased, took my combat ranking to 99% Novice :)
I chose the 'wrong' system as far as the CZ was a long way out (22KLs) and the nearest station was a way away, and an outpost...

Update: Out again today, with a Chieftain, popped a few scouts again, combat rank now 20% through Competent... Will be a pain when I go back to trading/exploring as the NPC's will have ranked up with me!
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Everyone should team up in multiple systems and bash the insect like heads in.

Can you imagine how cool it would be if fleets of CMDRs did it
Another trip out yesterday with a tanked Krait II as suggested somewhere else, did get my rank to Expert but in comparison to the Chieftain/T10 the Krait II appeared far more fragile! I think it probably is a better ship in the hands of a more skilled player than I :)
Several engineer unlocks in the past few days too, so this week will be a poodle around picking up the 'sweeteners' for said engineers and maybe doing some station rescues for mats as those SB/HRP upgrades have made an impact on the stuff I'd collected over the last year :)

Here is a little historical background, reference the current Thoargoid incursion.

Drew Wagar’s Lore: The Thargoids

Current knowledge

INRA nearly wiped out the Thargoids
Investigation into the Mycoid Virus. Thanks to Ricardo's Gaming, we can listen to all the logs from the six INRA bases, here.

INRA settlements:

INRA murdered Commander John Jameson after he successfully delivered the Mycoid Virus payload to the Thargoid superstructure.

Are Thargoid back for revenge? Thargoid Incursions.

Eagle Eye is a surveillance initiative established by Aegis to monitor Thargoid activity. Using an array of six orbital installations, Eagle Eye intercepts transmissions from Thargoid Surface Sites, which are then used to predict the locations of future Thargoid attacks on a weekly basis. Aegis Core's former headquarters of Dantec Enterprise, Socho served a vital yet understated role in the array's operations by coordinating all communication between the installations, but this part of the operation has since been relocated to Sol for security reasons. As the data assembled by Eagle Eye is encrypted and stored in Unregistered Communications Beacons found near each installation, independent pilots can freely scan these beacons and decrypt the data to learn the relevant targets.

Thargoid civil war (Oresrians vs Klaxxians) and human sympathizers?

Meanwhile, while commanders hesitate and/or even refuse to fight, the Thargoid invasion is in full force as they attack human stations all over the bubble.


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I start to wondering why I even bother with the interceptors. It would be a lot more helpfull to just take 4 AX large multi cannons and decimate the scouts. As far as I know a cyclops still just counts one kill right?
Its apparent they are searching for something. Why not devote resources to finding that something instead of fighting what appears to be a one sided war?
Did we not get a hint somewhere along the line that suggested fighting them off is but one option to quelling the incursion?

(Would appreciate if someone could find it as I appear to have lost the citation....)
Its apparent they are searching for something.
Really? I mean they are spreading throughout the bubble. But this doesn't feel like a search. Yes, they scavenge destroyed ships for meta-alloys and human life, but only after they destroy the ships. If they were looking for something, wouldn't it make more sense to just ask. I acknowledge that they may have different perception of a search to you or I, but indiscriminately destroying ships is not typical search behaiviour.
Also, as far as we know, we don't have anything that could be of any value to them whatsoever, apart from their stuff that we stole from them. I think this is just mindless territorialism as it says in the Wiki, because from their point of view we've invaded their space and stolen their resources. As far as their concerned, we'e the ones that need to wiped out, not them.

Anyway, they're advanced enough that if they were looking for something, they probably would have found it by now. But if they wanted to kill us, We would probably already be dead. They may have an ulterior motive, or maybe they're toying with us.
I think part of the reason why the Thargoids are spreading more rampantly is because Frontier aren't releasing good new weapons. I.E. the two 'new' weapons being released are just crappier versions of weapons we can get now. While it is nice to have access to weapons that can be used for both human ships and thargoids, just making small size dumb fire missiles and fixed multi-cannons feels like they are just rehashing old content again. I would've preferred the removal of the experimental tag on AX weapons and give us access to gimballed AX multi-cannons and AX homing missiles. That would've added some freshness to fighting thargoids.

If they really wanted to give us more flexibility by being able to use the same weapons to fight human ships and thargoids, then I would've liked to see lasers added into the mix even if they are small fixed lasers. It would've given more variety in the kinds of weapons seen fighting Thargoids at the very least.

Or hell, they could've just been lazy and changed AX weapons and Guardian weapons do the same damage to human ships that they do to Thargoid ships. People that are doing PVP and pure human ship fighting would still use human weapons primarily since they can be engineered but thargoid hunters would be able to fight back against gankers if that change went through.
AX Lasers is an interesting thought. I suppose they could use some sort of radiation beam rather than pure light. Maybe we could direct targeted spears of microwave radiation at thargoids to cook them from the inside out!

(Starts dive-bombing thargoids with chunks of radioactive rock) ;)
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