Thargoid Technology Samples: A Bad Game Loop

Today I arrived at Maia, docked at Obsidian Orbital, and the voice that welcomed pilots to the station and announced random things was that of ObsidianAnt, which was amusing. I liked that. It was fun and unexpected.

A bit later I got a message inviting me to find four Thargoid Technology Samples. The mission paid well so I accepted it and fitted a ship with an SRV to go hunting for them. I had to google to figure out where I was going to find these samples, and that I needed some corrosion-resistant cargo racks. This is an online multiplayer game where mysteries are collaboratively revealed, but still I would prefer to figure out these things with tools provided within the game.

I went to a crash site in HIP 17862 6 C A. There was no point of interest showing up from orbit, although there was a tourist beacon that would run away from me very fast after dropping out of supercruise, and although I could scan it, there was no amount of boosting I could do to catch up with it. I think at that point I knew that things were going to be a bit on the rough side.

The tourist beacon gave me no useful data. Still no indicator appeared on the moon so that I could go to it. I had to navigate to a set of coordinates I found in the Elite Dangerous Wiki. Navigating to coordnates is very painful. I am given a system map where I can see the surface of every planet, but it doesn't have a set of coordinates displayed so that at least I can try to identify a landmark and orient myself, nor a way to locate a particular set of coordinates and then mark that point as a destination it so that I would be able to navigate to that location with ease.

After doing the horrible coordinate navigation I landed on the site. When I got out of my ship on my SRV I found myself below the surface and I could see the stars and space under my wheels. Eventually the SRV pulled itself above the surface, but rocks were floating all over. I managed to get the Thargoid Technology Sample and drive back to the ship where I could drop it in the corrosion-resistant cargo hold.

I logged out and logged back in to get the site to reset and the tech fragments to reload. I saw some tech samples, but one of them seems to have appeared below the surface and then sunk into the planet and then out of my sensor range. I could get the other one.

At one point I found myself driving above the Thargoid ship wreckage and got stuck in an unnatural way for no reason in a way that took me significant effort and time to undo. It wasn't fun.

I wasn't satisfied at all by this particular game loop. It is buggy, quirky, there is no enough information in game. Logging out and back into the game should not be necessary to achieve anything. It is a similar story with some Guardian sites and the insistence on the part of the game that we get multiple blueprint fragments in order to unlock things. Fine, I can run the site again, but don't make it so that in order to reset it I need to log out.
Wouldnt a Detail Surface Scanner now reveal the location of the scout using the probes to map the surface?

Another way to get the samples for Palin is to get them from inside a Thargoid Base. But get them from a crashed scout is easier.

I do agree that a player without coming to foruns or getting information from outside sources would be totally clueless of how to finish one of Palin missions. Unless there's some info about this in the Codex. Havent read everything there...
I decided to give this another go, following the rule that I would not restart the game as part of the experience. I would get four units of Thargoid technology samples and return them to Obsidian Orbital in Maia.

One of the corrosion-resistant cargo racks was replaced with a detailed surface scanner, and I found that it does reveal the location of a crash. Thank you Oaktree for this suggestion.

I went to the same site I visited yesterday at HIP 17862, but couldn't find any technology samples there. There was no bug where I ended up below the surface of the planet or facing levitating rocks, so navigating the site was a much nicer experience this time around. As I wasn't planning on relogging, I left the site.

Next I visited another crash site that I saw on the Elite Dangerous Wiki at Pleiades Sector AB-W B2-4. There was nothing to be gathered from that site: no materials or salvage. The place was cool to look at though.

Next I went to a crash site at at HIP 17403. I found some sensors which I shot to get sensor fragments. I did remember visiting this crash site in the past. It is very dramatic. I enjoyed visiting it again. There were no technology samples.

After this I headed to a Thargoid surface site at HIP 19026. It contained some meta-alloys in biological structures, as well as plenty of materials and scavengers. No technology samples though. The place is incredible. Its looks are probably inspired by the work of H. R. Giger.

I found directions to a crashed Thargoid Scout on It specifically stated that it had Thargoid technology samples. The site was beautiful. I took a great screenshot there. There were no technology samples though, only resins and biological matter.

I went to another crash site. The ground was blue and another amazing screenshot was taken. I stopped caring about the technology samples at this point. I'm enjoying the great vistas and atmosphere around the Thargoid sites. On this last crash site I found two Thargoid technology samples. That's all I can hold for the time being in my corrosion-resistant cargo hold, so I took them back to Obsidian Orbital in Maia to sell.

I still needed to get another two technology samples to complete the challenge. I could not relog or revisit a site that was previously harvested. I went to this other crash site and found the missing technology fragments, which I sold at Obsidian Orbital to complete the challenge.

This time I enjoyed it much more. I thought that the game creators had expected me to relog in order to find the missing materials, but the fact is that they have added Scout crash sites everywhere around the Pleiades area. The game could do a better job at conveying this information to me: that I can get those technology samples from Scout crash sites, and that so far these crash sites have been discovered and mention at least the system names. They could also make sure that I can always find at least two technology samples from each site, that way it doesn't get too tedious.

I will retract that it is a bad game loop, as I enjoyed this second quest. It just needs a bit of work like other parts of the game to be perfect. Perhaps the mission should allow for more time. A day sounds like too little time to research and find all the things, including getting specialized cargo holds, considering that I can only play at certain times because of work and other real-life commitments.
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...and that I needed some corrosion-resistant cargo racks
Just because I'm itinerant like this... CRCR's are not requisites for collecting corrosive cargo. Oftentimes people read this and think they can't touch the things until they have CRCRs (which swiftly leads to a complaint about the grind to get them). They do protect you from the damage, but it's entirely manageable. It's difficult at 10t without protection, and guaranteed critical failures with a high risk of death for anything over 20t without protection. FWIW I shipped 10t without CRCRs all the way to Colonia, in part to prove that.

Not a criticism, just the more you know :)

As for your whole post... you can also get this cargo from Thargoid Structures, which are plentiful around the Pleiades. ou ned a TS/TP or TL to access active sites, but the inactive ones have the cargo scattered around outside.. so that's another option. I've found the wreck sites got bugged (going under the texture map and stuff) after 3.3 dropped... nfi why.

Tangentially, I find activities involving the shipment of this cargo to be criminally under-utilised... there's some great opportunities which would just be some simple copy/pasta of current mission templates with s/cargo/thargoid cargo/ that could be used to make that sort of activity more readily available.
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