Thargoids moving out - Barnacle re-supply depots getting scarce.

I have been fortunate to see Thargoids break FS mode very close to the surface of the Barnacle site, descend, turn around and land on the central main unit. It stays there for a short time and seems vulnerable at that stage. When it takes off again it seems to drop stuff into the central unit - one would think it some sort of pitstop.

So if these sites thinning out, it means the Thargoids are getting less - I doubt, or moving to new locations. There should many new sites not discovered yet.

Question is: closer to the bubble or further away? 🤔
Is was there with my Python but in my Scarab. I dismissed the ship as I was worried about it attacking it. Must have been a few lengths in from the edge of the hole structure.
Pics or it didn’t happen, as they say. So far the only interaction we know of between Thargoid ships and barnacles is the tractor beam routine they’ve been doing for over a year now.
When I say landed - no legs came out to rest on the ground. Perhaps it is better to say it was hovering, but very close to the ground.
I did not see any beam, but its good to know. Why they turn around then is interesting, and the fact that they drop stuff down when taking off. Perhaps our devs will let us know one day.
Nice links, thanks. I was hoping this thread would get players to tell what one can do when you encounter this. Looks like it does not happen to much.
Sorry mate, was no aware of such things existing/happening so was taken very much by surprise, been more ready to defend myself - although now I wonder what I would of achieved with the Scarab. 🤕
What do the chaps use to record videos of events/game play in ED. That would be far better than pics. I must get it running in my game. Any recommendations?
Taken from Fandom - My experience was like the first except the ship came down very low - saw no laser.

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