Thargoids, Raxxla, Dark Wheel, and how they are connected...maybe.

(The following suggestion is a fictitious use of fictitious places and characters to create a fictitious story that could fictitiously connect fictitious events in a fictitiously believable way. Although fictitious places and people are mentioned in this fictitious suggestion, they are used in a fictitiously fictitious manner. Any other fictitious resemblances to fictitious places or persons, either fictitiously living or dead, is entirely fictitiously coincidental. Therefore, the following should be fictitiously considered as nothing more than fictitious tin-foil-hattery.)

I've heard from a trusted friend, who had heard from a distant relation, a contact of his, something about the organization known as the Dark Wheel. My friend’s contact was twitchy and frequently looking over his shoulder. My friend’s contact said that he had been closely associated with a member of the Dark Wheel, but hadn’t known it until their associate had passed away and my friend’s contact was going through their left-behind belongings. My friend’s contact found items, notes, and journal entries that hinted toward or plainly talked about a secret organization, an organization with unprecedented wealth and power, wealth and power that was kept secret, because such wealth and power is easier to defend when no one knows about it. But that wealth and power did not sit idle. It worked its might into the fabric of humanity. It spread its bounds into every corner humanity reached. This wealth and power became the Dark Wheel. They influenced every part of politics, tempered discoveries and available technologies, determined the outcomes of wars, and set the course of humanity. There was no one to oppose them, because no one knew they existed. The Dark Wheel continued through centuries with the power and wealth being passed on through family lines. But all of that came to an end. The source of the Dark Wheel’s power and wealth had abruptly vanished, an object or a place spoken of only in mind-crippling enigmas, a thing called Raxxla. The Dark Wheel continued on for a time, leveraging their assets to keep their influence vital. But everything with a beginning will inevitably have an end. One by one, the families of the Dark Wheel became extinct. Their posterity failed and their bloodlines were broken. My friend’s contact believes that his associate was the last member of the Dark Wheel. He believes that their station, their base of operations, is now completely abandoned, floating lifeless around the eighth moon of some unknown gas giant. Who knows what secrets lie within? My friend asked his contact what he thought of the organization calling themselves the Dark Wheel at Jameson Memorial. My friend’s contact said that they are frauds, usurpers trying to get a foothold in the scheme of things by throwing around a mysterious name. “They do not act like the Dark Wheel. They are too open, too visible,” my friend’s contact had said. My friend’s contact quoted a friend of his, a renowned individual by the name of Felicity Farseer. She said, about the Dark Wheel, “Whenever someone tries to usurp the Dark Wheel name, sooner or later they quietly get shut down.” (In-game Codex, Dark Wheel) This is how my friend’s contact knows that the Dark Wheel is no more. This other organization calls themselves the Dark Wheel, openly, and yet they still exist. No one of the original Dark Wheel is alive to defend the name. But this new Dark Wheel, they know their fraudulence, and they are striving to become the new underlying yet all encompassing order. They are searching for the remains of the original Dark Wheel, trying to dig up what clues and secrets the Dark Wheel may have left behind. They are looking for the Dark Wheel’s station. Not too long ago, this new Dark Wheel, based at Jameson Memorial, had commissioned independent pilots to go on exploration expeditions or to deliver data and objects to shady groups or individuals. They were looking for something. They were looking for the station of the Dark Wheel, that now lifeless yet knowledge rich capsule floating somewhere in the void. But all of these missions and hired-out tasks suddenly ceased after they arrived. The Thargoids. With these new arrivals, the new Dark Wheel discovered a way to manipulate all of humanity under one motive, the motive of fear. If the new Dark Wheel could control the Thargoids, they could control the galaxy. It worked. The super powers had united and formed a fourth power known as AEGIS. The new Dark Wheel secretly reached and wrapped its tentacles around the throat of the new, richly funded defense force and seized control. The new Dark Wheel went to work, learning more about the Thargoids, manipulating the good intentions of senators, engineers, and independent pilots alike. Eventually, the new Dark Wheel, under the guise of AEGIS, had learned how to influence the Thargoids. The new Dark Wheel learned that the Thargoids are fiercely defensive of their own technology. Like moths to the flame, the Thargoids swarmed into human inhabited space, overrunning the systems where the new Dark Wheel had planted Thargoid technology, drawing the Thargoids deeper into human space. My friend’s contact has noticed that it is not uncommon for incursions to appear where a gas giant with several moons is present, and so is an AEGIS megaship, always near a gas giant. My friend’s contact believes that AEGIS, or the new Dark Wheel, is again using independent pilots to search for the original Dark Wheel’s hidden station, and all the secrets it contains. By drawing in hundreds of pilots to fight off the Thargoid threat, they hope that someone will stumble upon the old Dark Wheel station, with the new Dark Wheel not too far away, watching, and open the door for the rising of a new and terrible dawn. Who knows what knowledge may be found within that station? Maybe even the map to Raxxla? My friend has tried to find his contact once again to try to glean more information from him, but he has mysteriously vanished, leaving us to wonder about both his whereabouts and the whereabouts of the Dark Wheel’s secret space station.
Why is Jamesons Memorial not actually the dark wheel, as a none-Elite independent pilot, it feels like Jameson's fits the bill?

With my 2001-A space Odyssey spin on Raxxla and the Dark wheel, with Raxxla being the Black Monolith (which in 2001 was a stargate).

Raxxla, spiral staircase of stars, a portal to another dimension.
To me, this sounds exactly like the Opening into Witch-Space (an obvious appreciation many commanders have pointed out over the years).
but could be an unremarkable moon, and the omphalos rift denotes both a stone of Greek mythology and a rift (portal).

But then, Mar's has an interesting Tourist Info beacon.
An alien that artefact found on Mars, but then moved to another location.

"What-if" Raxxla is that alien artefact, which is a gateway into WitchSpace. Studied and reversed engineered by the Federation, the Gateway gave birth to the FSD jump-drives.
The Sirius Corporation was created for to "cover up" massive leaps of drive-tech as fetes of human technological ingenuity when it was in-fact reversed engineered alien-tech.
And as so many Commanders have pointed out over the years, why is The Witch's Reach system so close to Sol? and why is it permit locked, by the federation no-less?

Is the witch's reach system the research system for the Raxxla gateway, where it was removed from Mars and kept there?
or maybe that system is the end-point of the gateway.

Maybe the Mars-alien-relic (raxxla) was not moved, but had an accident, teleporting it "elsewhere", and therefore it was lost.

But for the secretive Dark-wheel organisation running the show, through puppets in the federation and the Sirius corporation, they have been milking their clandestine research into the alien-tech (Thargoid?) which has brought the attention of the Thargoids.

A gateway built into a boring chunk of rock, like an unremarkable moon.....something like Phobos or Deimos, Both of Mar's moons are missing (for technical reasons irc), but their absent fits neatly into this narrative.
small planetoids came into elite with season 2, but the asteroid belts clusters have been in the game since before release.
Meaning Raxxla is an Asteroid with a built-in hyperspace gateway, which also explains why it has thus-far gone undiscovered.
Let's face it, we got some pretty big Deimos sizes rocks floating around most star-systems, that have gone un-scanned. even if scanned, aren't visited and checking manually.

Most Exploring commanders were not scanning the fiddly asteroid belts which gave very little pay-out.

But even if we were to scan a presumed asteroid cluster that contains the missing Phobos/Deimos Moon with the Raxxla-gateway, would it show up in a scan even with the new FSS?
How many commanders investigate the actual authenticity of the "Signals" of the Asteroid clusters by visiting the clusters methodically and attempt to mine the rocks to make sure they are actual minable asteroids.

One of the few mentions of Phobos in the in-game Lore.
is the generation ship Phobos.....pioneering the new FTL drive.
Phobos in real life was once part of an April fools joke, claiming it was not a real asteroid but it was in-fact hollowed out metal asteroid base.

Time to attach mining lasers and prospector limpets.......we need to track down Mars moons in all the place's it shouldn't be.
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