Thargoids should appear with a notice in local mission board, like CG´s now galaxy wide, for defence

Thargoid attacks against stations and other installations sould be predicted beforehand "through new top secret technological advances", and be spotted say 7-14 days before they start/finish allowing to organize defending better against them.

Could be just locally on top of a mission board like CG´s now are to enlist in a system.
So like it is enlisting galaxy wide now (and for the lore this idea is free to be used also with the rest-
Say we predict attacks soon maybe by spotting their probe appearing cloaked in some system and then starting to reload for a creation of a wormhole they will eventuallly come through there exactly in 7 days, giving time to rally defences for the station and epic battles outside them, naturally also visible timer somewhere like through scanning probe would be very nice.

If following CG´s model, there would be certain amount of Thargoids that need to be killed after/during that 7 (?) day´s warning/attack before/when they appear, say in a day (tick) or in about a week (modification of a war state now or new kind of a "long tick"), (even) alone or in a group.
So Thargoids attacking could be repelled in a single huge battle-effort, or during a longer campaingn (to help smaller groups that have difficulties to gather needed defences for one/some certain time(s).

Amount of Thargoids appearing needed to be killed would be fixed for that certain period (also, number/quality of Thargoids and how long those attacks last could vary a lot per system and station/installation), and from each CMDR(s) killed Thargoid there would be an increase in a hidden pool for points that calculate if station survives or gets damaged/destroyed during that period of a attack (possibility for big differences on attacks depending on size/importance of the station/system, also).

Also, if system has a Cap ship in it, that should appear to defend any attacked station with CMDR´s, even if that NPC-ship would eventually end up in pieces and never show up in system from therefore, where amount of Cap ships available for the defence of stations becomes crucial).

And for most of all, pay well for those doing the dirty work navies should be doing to make it feel not just worthwhile, but also more realistic and immersive... I doubt credits would have a low limit in fighting against real alien invasion...
Combine that with well paying, working and fun war system against Thargoids that is simple enough to understand (and does not just act as a post-attack "repair grind", like now), and Thargoids will have players attention. Especially if they go after their stuff.
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