The 10th Legion

Greetings Commanders,
I speak on behalf of the 10th Legion in an effort to convince you to join our ranks and fight for the glory of the Empire!

Who are we?
The 10th Legion is currently a small Imperial faction however its leadership and majority of membership hail from a once great group of players. Lorewise, we are a special mission unit under the command of the Imperial Intelligence Service. As a respected group amongst our peers, we are involved in the politics and battles of the galaxy. Our footprint in this world has begun its formation.

What do we do?
We specialise in BGS activities however we also participate in PowerPlay when necessary, acting under the banner of Her Imperial Majesty Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval. A number of our operations can’t be publicised.

What can we offer you?
All of our members strive to make the legion a fun place to be, after all we are playing a game and as such there should be nothing but fun. We welcome all pilots, experienced or brand new. If you’re looking to learn how to play Elite and get the most from your career, look no further. Our leadership is dedicated to making sure that new commanders are well trained in all aspects of the game so that they can decide for themselves which area interests them most.

Where do I sign up?
You can find us here on Inara and join our discord with the following links:

I look forward to basking with you soon!

Astley Tiberius
Admiral, X Legion
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