[FEDERATION] The 44th is once again, open for recruitment!


Hello fellow pilots!

The 44th Vulture Syndicate, based in LHS 317 is once again open to receive applications.

For those interested and not aware of what the 44th is, we are a Federal Squadron specialized in flying the Vulture for most of our engagements.

We are PvP focused but since we call an in-game faction our own, we also take part in PvE.

We are looking for active pilots who made the Vulture their ship of choice when it comes to combat.

If interested, hop into our Discord: https://discord.gg/tNgh9vX
Or drop into LHS 317 and meet us directly at Northrop Port.

We offer Squad training, a flight school for newcomers, various activities like bounty hunting, random PvP, wing and Powerplay PvP.

Bear in mind that we are an Open Play group, so most of our activities will take part in the "unsafe" part of the game where anything can happen.

Hope to see some new faces soon.

Fly Dangerous o7​
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