The ability to divide profits among wing members outside of wing missions

Now this primarily has to do with the mining aspect of the game (which honestly is an area of the game I don't really take part in much). But with the alongside the changes already coming to mining I'd like to see players in a wing have the ability to split profits amongst other players in their wings without having to take on a wing mission. I feel this would really open up how those who take up the role of a miner could play and make it more social by setting up mining teams where each member has a role such as these:
1. Prospector- This Commander is in charge of the initial aspect of mining their ship is solely built for identifying what is in an asteroid and extracting it equipped with only mining lasers and prospect limpet control modules and their cargo bay carries limpets they take no part in the collection of the resources which is a job left to the next role.
2. Mule- This Commander uses a ship with a large cargo capacity. Loaded up with cargo bays a couple refineries and collector limpet control modules carrying, at most carrying at most maybe 1/3 of their cargo capacity in limpets. this players job it to collect, transport, and sell the collected resources.
3. Security- This role is very straightforward. Defend the team
Optional role:
4. Fuel tanker/ Mechanic- Essentially Dedicated Fuel Rat for the team on deep space mining expeditions.
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