[INDEPENDENT] The Acheron Syndicate is recruiting! Utopia, broad activity, helpful and respectful group.

Acheron Syndicate

Connect, Upload, Live longer

Who are we?
Acheron Syndicate is an organisation of commanders, overseers, professors, doctors, engineers, researchers, soldiers, mercenaries, pirates, smugglers, assassins, bounty hunters, miners, traders, racers, aid providers, activists, couriers, passenger carriers, explorers, scavengers, infiltrators, search and rescue agents, powerplay agents, naval fighters, enforcers, and many more roles involved with the main purpose to help Pranav Antal in the development of the Acheron Interface.

The Interface main goal is to turn the human consciousness into an artificial but human intelligence achieving speeds like a machine can do but still remaining as complex as a human mind.

This is a complicated and sophisticated procedure because it involves creating neuro-quantum algorithms which requires server biomes. To upkeep the quality of the research it requires a lot of material, ideas, and control to make it work. It is why the Syndicate have to be a big scale operation. Being part of Utopia the secondary purpose is to help it in the control of the region so Pranav Antal has more time to work on his projects.

Who are we looking for?
Everyone who wish to join our cause. We accept new and veteran alike. We are broad in our activities and a helpful, respectful community. We accept the brave who are willing to fight for Us and for Utopia!

What do we do exactly?
  • PvE,
  • PvP,
  • CQC,
  • Roleplay,
  • Anti-xeno,
  • Combat zone,
  • Bounty hunting,
  • Humanitarian aid,
  • Passenger transporting,
  • Power supporting,
  • Faction support,
  • Exploration,
  • Mentoring,
  • Mining,
  • Racing,
  • Pirating,
  • Trading,
  • Planet scanning,
  • Planetary scanning,
  • Basically everything.

Where can I apply?
If you are interested visit for more information, and for links our INARA page here: INARA PAGE LINK
If you want to connect with us here is our Discord: DISCORD
In-game search by squadron ID: ASPC if you are from PC

Thank you for your attention and fly safe Cmdr.
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Nice, that apology put it to the top of the list ACHERON SYNDICATE ARE RECRUITING Might I suggest starting a thread in the spirit of the Arx change & forum Fleet Carrier wailing ACHERON SYNDICATE ARE RECRUITING Perhaps insist fdev are ignoring solo players by not replacing the Frontier Full-stop (Period) with "ACHERON SYNDICATE ARE RECRUITING"
Edit. Just to be clear, I am not suggesting Frontier replace menstruation with ACHERON SYNDICATE RECRUITING that would be beyond their powers, and frankly, gamey ACHERON SYNDICATE RECRUITING i merely mean the US meaning of 'period' which is known as a full-stop in the civilised world, currently represented by a '.' But in the near-future "ACHERON SYNDICATE RECRUITING"
apologies for any confusion ACHERON SYNDICATE RECRUITING
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