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Here is my anaconda class exploration ship.
The ATLANTIA is my pride and join, the "one" who is gonna be my companion for hours on end on this game, took me some time to get to it but now is here.

Working today on the engenieer part of it, (material grinding), so i can upgrade its systems and i will takle in time the guardian part of things too to increase its range and eficiency.
ATM running at around 41ly jump range, with the gear i want to have, basically almost strip down but with cargo racks, fuel tanks, 4 srvs and auto repair, all others are bare minimum around level 5.
I took it for a shake down test cruise of around 5.000 Ly, and loved it as a "tool" for exploration.
(lots of 1st to map pop ups on the return, a nice profit, lots of interesting sites seen, alien encounters, ships, and a sense of self acomplishment)
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I’ve owned Elite since before Horizons but hardly ever did much besides space trucking in a Type-7 then Type-9. Recently I’ve got back into the game and finally saved up enough to buy and A class an Anaconda.

At first I didn’t like it. Big and slow but couldn’t haul as much as my Type-9. But I stuck with it and found it was finally giving me the incentive to grind out engineering. Now I’ve got her setup as a combat build with 4 gimballed MC’s in the huge and large hard points (overcharged/autoloader and 1 corrosive), and the other hardpoints have efficient oversized beam turrets. There are a few engineers left to unlock including Palin and Tarquin so I can finish off the thrusters and beams but it’s feeling strong, at least for a PvE player like me.

Right now I have parts to swap out if I want to maximize jump range, but I haven’t been able to justify spending mats to increase it beyond the 72ish LY jump range of that loadout. Eventually I want to grind out the rep and cash to have a corvette and cutter, and will re-evaluate how to best setup the Conda for my needs, but for now I’m enjoying the hell out of it in a heavy brawler role.
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