[INDEPENDENT] The Anti-Xeno Defence Force needs YOU!

The Anti-Xeno Defence Force are the Fighting and Logistics crew of the [AXDF] Icarus, [AXDF] Pegasus and [AXDF] Hercules . We carry out Counter-Xeno Operations in the Pleiades and Witch Head Nebulas. We are seeking new enlistees across several roles to serve aboard the Icarus (Anti-Xeno Operational Command), Pegasus (Logistics support carrier) and Hercules (Security Forces Carrier) for an ongoing deployment to the Witch-Head Nebula. In addition to our AX Combat Detachment we will maintain a compliment of Logistics personnel to maintain carrier resources as well as a Security Detachment to handle human threats during operations.

The following roles are available to join within the AXDF

Anti-Xeno combat Detachment
Fighting Thargoid vessels posing a threat to human occupied space - suitable for AX pilots and those wishing to learn AX combat

Logistics Detachment
Maintaining carrier resources and providing Logistics support to the Combat Detachments - Suitable for miners and scouts

Security Detachment
Engaging in human/npc combat in defence of the carrier, defending Logistics and AX combat personnel from attack - Suitable for PVE/PVP CMDRs

Join requirements:

you MUST be over 18 years of age.

You MUST have an active and verified Inara account that links to your in-game CMDR account

You should use the following nickname format on our discord: CMDR yourCommanderName (e.g CMDR Joe Bloggs)

When ready to apply:
You should submit a join request on the Squadron Inara page (Anti-Xeno Defence Force - go to roster then join request) - https://inara.cz/squadron/7991/

You should apply for the in game squadron (ID AXDF)

Join our discord and move to the recruitment office channel - https://discord.gg/6kaaBGy

New Enlistees can report in to the [AXDF] Nostromo, which maintains a position within the bubble for inducting/orienting new personnel
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