The Armistice Summit Expedition



September 8 - October 2

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together, we can do great things.
" - Mother Teresa

The Alliance, Federation, and Empire are bickering with one another while aliens destroy our population. This aims to change that.
We will bring the three Superpowers together and unite against the Thargoids!

This Expedition will be restricted to Alliance, Imperial, and Federal Ships only.

Registration Form

Private Groups
PC Private Group: Braben is Thargoid
Xbox Private Group:
(Console users MUST send console friend request BEFORE
searching for private group, otherwise it will not find it)

Send a Private Group request in-game via the Friends & Private Groups in main menu, to this user to join.

Mission Objective
Our mission is to unite the Federation, the Empire, and the Alliance in an effort to work together in peace against the Thargoid threat. The aliens are busy destroying our stations, murdering thousands upon thousands of people, while the superpowers are busy fighting each another instead of putting a group effort into solving the problem. We want to consider this expedition an outcry to the leaders of each of the powers; President Zachary Hudson. Prime Minister Edmund Mahon. Empress Arissa Lavigny-Duval. We reach out to all of them, in hopes they will respond to our call to action and peace.

Expedition Rules
1. Be friendly and try to make friends! If you run into any problems, check with one of the Staff or Operators in the Discord.
2. Firing upon another pilot with weapons will result in an immediate expulsion from the private group and deletion from the roster.
It will NOT be tolerated.

3. As this is a themed expedition, only Federal, Imperial, and Allied ships will be allowed. This includes:

Alliance Chieftain
Alliance Challenger
Alliance Crusader
Type-10 Defender
Imperial Eagle
Imperial Courier
Imperial Clipper
Imperial Cutter
Federal Dropship
Federal Assault Ship
Federal Gunship
Federal Corvette

Rendezvous and Route (IGT)
Tuesday/Thursday (US): Meetup 24:00, Launch 01:00
Tuesday/Thursday (EU): Meetup 19:00, Launch 20:00
Tuesday/Thursday (OCE): Meetup 10:00, Launch 11:00
Saturdays (EVERYONE): Meetup 18:00, Launch 19:00

Distance To Next WP
#1BD+31 2290Jodi's Rest | Callie Depot406.68 LYNot RequiredSeptember 8
#2HIP 17403A 4 A | Thargoid Wreck612.45 LY-34.98 | -141.38September 11
#3HIP 180776 C | Mahon Research Base636.90 LYNot RequiredSeptember 13
#4LBN 623 Sector FW-W D1-1006 A | Berd's Nest1,184.57 LY75.93 | 89.00September 15
#5Veil West Sector DL-Y D68D 4 E | Skull Canyon583.64 LY-80.10 | 147.46September 18
#6North America Sector GW-W D1-99B 1 | Hamburg Valley996.66 LY-70.41 | -83.00September 20
#7GM Cephei2 B | Koi Mountain Range924.22 LY40.60 | 165.08September 22
#8NGC 7822 Sector BQ-Y D12A 3 A | Cthulu's Jaw4,342.20 LY73.56 | 42.38September 25
#9Bubble Sector LX-T B3-19 E | The Dark Fortress2,909.46 LY38.14 | 65.42September 29
#10Heart Sector IR-V B2-0A 5 A | Amarillo Gulch-----6.82 | -129.14October 2
TOTAL: 12,596.78 LY





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Here you go:
Wow - I might actually be keen on this... nice to have something bigger that small worlds and more SRV bays [wink]
We have just over ten days left until the expedition begins! Be sure to sign up now if you want to come along! Signups will end a week after the expedition begins, on Saturday, September 15th.
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