ANNOUNCEMENT The Army of Moderators Continues To Grow - The Lone Gunman

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Michael Brookes

Game Director
I think there's a pattern forming here :) Welcome to The Lone Gunman who also joins the moderating team as well today. I'm sure you'll all be on your best behaviour!

I personally think the Mods are picking members to form an ingame group who will gank us all....:eek:

Run for your lives, they'll be getting revenge on us all......

Philip Coutts

Volunteer Moderator
I'm starting to feel left out now. Soon there will be more mods than posters and all they will do is spend all day merging each others threads (ohhh errr!) ;)

Congratulations to The Lone Gunman, I've always found you to be a nice helpful level headed type. Good luck
The mods get a free car. But just one :D


Gratz Gunman :)

Philip Coutts

Volunteer Moderator
I've had a brilliant, possibly life altering thought (grabs tin hat and prepares to run). Does this mean that all the other mods were doing such a crap job that you've had to recruit a whole load of new ones to moderate the moderators????? :eek:

(Runs off clutching tin hat, cackling wildly......) ;)

Only joking folks, I wish you all the best of luck
Ummm, I've run clean out of wittiness (hard to believe I know)..
Care for a jammy dodger?
How 'bout a dodgey poster?

The Mod Squad? (queue the disco music!)
Another one? :eek: :D
Indeed. Apparently the ones they had were constantly abusing their power by messing with peoples avatars, so they thought some new blood might tighten up the discipline a bit.

Then they thought, "Nah! let's just give Psykokow a go instead!"

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