The AX leaderboards are broken

All thanks to instagibbing. Basically you get enough firepower and you can instantly kill any goid up to a medusa. With 4x medium gauss, Cyclops takes 3 people, basilisk takes 5 people, and medusa takes about 9 people.

These removes any skill requirements for killing thargoids and ruins the leaderboards for those who don't want to exploit forcing them to have to insta gib to stand a chance.

I've held my tongue on this for a while but I'm tired of no-one addressing it so I've made an issue report here

And if you really wanna speed things up go to a static distress call where thargoids spawn, get all your friends to go to main menu, and relog until a few private groups until someone gets the goid you want. Then everyone logs into that PG and instagibbs.

BOOM theres you ax leaderboard meta, enjoy 100+million an hour as well.
Is this faster than killing scouts?
Do scouts count towards leaderboards?
Do Scavenger kills count towards leaderboards?
..... Easier method, a lot quicker and guarantees a top slot on the scoreboards..

Goto Arc's Faith in HR 1183.

Then just load up ya fav. Cheat Engine that makes you invulnerable, disables the movement of thargoids (yup, the goid just sits there waiting for you to fire)

Thanks to FDEV for ignoring the cheating issue....which has murdered the game.
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