The Azimuth Saga: The Story So Far

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Greetings Commanders, and welcome to the Azimuth Saga! Many of you will have caught wind of the various machinations of Aegis, Salvation, and other factions or individuals in recent times. This post will summarise these events as they unfold, so if you've missed anything or want to get involved, here's where to catch up!

For a more concise summary of the story, consider reading parts one through five of the Azimuth: A Historical Perspective series.


OCT, 3306 - A Pilot's Federation Alert is issued, announcing the discovery of an abandoned megaship in the Chukchan system. Identified as the Adamastor, it appears that the vessel has returned on autopilot after setting out two centuries prior.

An excerpt from an Alliance Salvage Guild specialist's report:

"The Adamastor has been travelling at sublight speed through interstellar space for nearly two hundred years. There are no remains of the crew. All escape pods and secondary craft have been launched, and several airlocks were manually opened from within. A complete absence of identification suggests that this ship was intended for clandestine operations. All data drives have been deliberately erased."

A private investigator from Wallglass Investigations Agency uncovers further information about the Adamastor:

"I convinced the Alliance Salvage Guild to pass on some serial numbers that they discovered inside the Adamastor. Then I started scouring databases, interviewing sources and, well, doing my old job. The megaship was owned by a corporation called Azimuth Biochemicals. This was taken over by a similar company called Pharmasapien, but both were liquidated long ago. No mission records exist, but service crew reports mention that the Adamastor's passengers included scientists, engineers and some kind of military. Eventually I unearthed a flight plan, logged in October 3111. It plotted a course toward Barnard's Loop with fuel for approximately 370 light years, and was scheduled to pass by the HIP 39748 and HIP 33386 systems. I'm way too old to head out there myself, but l hope someone can use this info, and help satisfy my curiosity about what happened all those years ago."

NOV, 3306 - Data from the Adamastor reveals the presence of precious meta-alloy sources in the Coalsack Nebula. The Alliance Assembly announces an expedition to the Coalsack Nebula to secure the resources. To do so, they recruit the help of pilots and successfully establish outposts in the area to defend against potential Thargoid attacks. Shortly after, they begin working with Sirius Atmospherics, a subsidiary of Sirius Corporation to terraform ammonia worlds in the region.

DEC, 3306 - Thargoids launch coordinated attacks on the Coalsack and Witch Head nebulas, leading to urgent calls for assistance. Admiral Aden Tanner, chief military liaison for Aegis, made this announcement:

“This is a resurgence of Thargoid activity on a scale that we have not witnessed for a long time. Unfortunately, drastic reductions in funding and resources mean that Aegis is unable to provide adequate defensive measures.”

JAN, 3307 - As a coalition of all three Galactic Superpowers, Aegis appeals to the Empire, Federation, and Alliance to set aside internal conflicts to offer adequate focus on the Thargoid threat. Professor Alba Tesreau, head of research at Aegis, gave this statement:

“Humanity’s focus on petty internal conflicts has blinded us to the existential threat of the Thargoids. Their recent horrific attacks should be a wake-up call to the fact that defunding has crippled Aegis’s ability to offer protection. We strongly entreat our founders to come together and channel resources toward Aegis, and particularly into research. There can be no hope of coexistence with this alien species unless we increase our understanding of them.”

( i ) An audio log from the Adamastor Megaship

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APR, 3307 - The Adamastor "awakens" and begins transmitting a signal, drawing the interest of the Alliance Salvage Guild. An anonymous source known only as "Salvation" implores independent Commanders to help decode the Adamastor's message and provides a decryption key. They claim it will lead to advanced scientific knowledge. Commanders around the galaxy answer the call and identify the co-ordinates of a sister-ship, the derelict Hesperus. When pilots arrive at an asteroid belt around the second star of the Perseus Dark Region KC-V C2-2 system, they find that the twin megaship has already been claimed by the Scriveners, a Dredger Clan. Francesca Wolfe of Wallglass Investigations Agency gave some insight:

“The Scriveners Clan was originally a fleet of research vessels for a long-forgotten academic consortium. Over centuries they became a self-sufficient society, constantly acquiring materials and information. They’re not aggressive, but shun outsiders and jealously guard their ‘Knowledge Core’. I’m fascinated by mentions of research-sergeants and lector-generals, suggesting their culture is a merger of scholastic and military. With the Hesperus claimed as salvage by the Scriveners and its drives stripped, all chance of learning more was lost. Luckily, four encoded data files had resisted upload, and a gap in the dredger’s antiquated firewalls allowed pilots to hack them.”

Elsewhere, Aegis launches a new anti-xeno research programme and requests Commanders for aid in delivering Guardian technology. Professor Alba Tesreau, head of Aegis Research, gave this statement:

“At the Galactic Summit, Aegis agreed to undertake a fresh analysis of Guardian technology. The hope is that this will lead to the development of more effective defences against the Thargoids. We therefore require new samples to compare with Ram Tah’s groundbreaking work on this mysterious species. [...] I beseech the galactic community to support this project. It is vital that Aegis continues to receive funding, and to achieve this we must push the boundaries of our knowledge even further.”

Aegis are overwhelmingly successful in their initiative, receiving a massive delivery of Guardian artefacts. Professor Alba Tesreau made this announcement:

“Everyone at Aegis is thankful for the impressive effort made by the galactic community. If we can gain new insights into Guardian technology from these samples, then funding and resources for our work may continue.”

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MAY, 3307 - Salvation sends another message to pilots, requesting they deliver any logs scanned from the Hesperus to Taurus Mining Ventures at the Hind Mine base in T Tauri system. Patience Middleton, a representative of the corporation, announced:

“‘Salvation’ has authorised us to offer two million credits or ten units of void opals for delivering the Hesperus’s logs. This contract ends on the 21st of May 3307, after which payments will not be available. We have been asked to relay the message below:

This is Salvation. I call myself this as I cannot yet reveal my identity, but my scientific breakthroughs will literally save all of humanity. The Adamastor and the Hesperus were just the beginning, as I have always known. For my intrepid agents, there will be further work to come."

Thargoids attack en masse, targeting the Delphi system and several others among the California, Coalsack and Pleiades nebulas. It's speculated that Aegis (based in Delphi) gathering Guardian artefacts provoked the incursion. The Aegis owned Alexandria megaship jumps from Delphi to HIP 16538, carrying a large quantity of Guardian artefacts and is pursued by Thargoids. The Federation refuses the megaship entry into Federation space, despite the planned route to Sol.

JUN, 3307 - Captain Jacob Morales, commanding officer of the Alexandria, outlines the Alexandria's next steps:

“On Thursday we will make a hyperspace jump to the HIP 30944 system. Since this has a small population, the risk of casualties will be low if the Thargoids continue to pursue us. Once there, we will arrange to offload our cargo and distribute it to multiple locations.”

However, the megaship never reached its arrival point and all communication with it has ceased. Search teams in local systems have not detected its presence. Admiral Aden Tanner, chief military liaison with Aegis, informed the media:

“We regret to announce a complete loss of contact with the Alexandria. Although there is no evidence of damage or destruction, its disappearance while travelling through hyperspace raises the possibility that it was intercepted en route by Thargoid forces. Captain Jacob Morales and over four thousand crew members will be listed as missing, presumed dead. In addition to this great tragedy, Aegis’s research programme into Guardian technology has been severely impacted by the loss of many precious artefacts.”

Salvation emerges once again and contacts any pilots passing through the Chukchan and Perseus Dark Region KC-V c2-2 system. Commander Tyler Thorsen told Vox Galactica:

“I was taking some sightseers on a trip round the Hesperus, and getting as close as I dared to the Scriveners Clan dredger. I scanned the tourist beacon for them, and suddenly received a direct message from this ‘Salvation’ guy. He asked me to track down some old signal beacons, which are listening posts configured to retransmit long-range comms. Apparently these could help locate the survivors from the megaship. But the Hesperus is ancient history. Surely there can’t be anything or anyone left to find?”

The Pilot's Federation issues an official warning to all Commanders, cautioning them against undertaking tasks for a potentially illegal enterprise.

A Guardian/Thargoid battlefield is discovered at the end of a series of signal beacons tracked by independent pilots, following Salvation's instruction. Both Aegis and Taurus Mining Ventures lay claim to the site, requesting delivery of any Guardian artefacts to the PMD2009 48 system.

JUL, 3307 - The Glorious Prospect megaship, contracted by Salvation, receives the vast majority of delivered artefacts and rewards pilots with a specially engineered Class 2 Fixed Guardian Shard Cannon. The Pilot's Federation declares these modules as "hot", requiring additional costs to clean them prior to installation.

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JUL, 3307 - The Scriveners clan Dredger leaves the system where the Hesperus is located. Erik Gunnarson of Wallglass Investigations Agency speculates:

“When the Scriveners laid claim to the Hesperus, I expected only a cloud of fragments would remain. But their salvage operation has been prematurely abandoned, after stripping the megaship’s innards and leaving behind a mostly intact hull. Why have they done this? Perhaps because this particular dredger clan avoids outsiders. [...] Alternatively, the Scriveners detected richer pickings elsewhere – either fresh resources for the dredger to consume or new information for their ‘Knowledge Core’. In theory they could still be tracked down as their vessel’s hyperdrive has a similar range to modern-day fleet carriers.”

Aegis is partly suspended as an inquiry into the disappearance of the Alexandria megaship goes underway. While the Alliance, Empire and Federation jointly ordered the inquiry, they maintain that Aegis plays a vital defensive role against the Thargoids.

Independent pilots supported the Far God cult by delivering commodities to the Panjabell system, including auto fabricators, emergency power cells and insulating membrane. It's believed these will be used to outfit megaships "the Perdition" and "the Sacrosanct" due to be populated by the Thargoid-worshipping cultists. Earlier in the month, Wallglass Investigations Agency examined the cult in a GalNet article.

AUG, 3307 - The Far God cult megaship 'The Testament' embarks on a voyage throughout the core systems to convert new followers.

“The masses are deaf to the voice of the Far God. What you see as alien monsters, we view as messengers from a very real multi-dimensional being. The Testament will help us carry the word of Its imminent arrival.”

~ The Second Witness of the Seventieth Chapter

The two remaining megaships, 'The Perdition' and 'The Sacrosanct' are prepared for long-range journeys. It's believed they will take cultists on a pilgrimage to the Far God.

Aegis are investigated by an independent board of inquiry to establish the reason for its recent failures and several prominent figures within the organisation resign.

“We will be raising issues of culpability, specifically whether the concentration of Guardian artefacts aboard the Alexandria directly led to systems coming under Thargoid attack. Other incidents will be reviewed to identify possible grounds for negligence.”

~ Dr Paul Baumann, chair of the board of inquiry

Shortly after, the findings of the report are leaked to journalists. Dr Paul Baumann states that only the final report should be considered official. In the meantime, Vox Galactical journalist Alexei Keel shared the leaked versions contents:

“The leaked files outline a pattern of poor internal organisation and negligence. One claim is that Aegis accepted its heavy reliance on independent pilots entering combat situations against the Thargoids.

A lack of technological breakthroughs since the first generation of AX weaponry is also criticised. Professor Tesreau, who has since resigned, is singled out for prioritising communication with the Thargoids rather than developing quickly deployed defences.”

Interview transcripts show that some Aegis personnel consider the inquiry itself to be part of a larger agenda. A recurring claim is that the superpowers directly contributed to Aegis’s inefficiency by reducing funding, and are now scapegoating Aegis management for a lack of progress.”

A timer on the mysterious "Hyford's Cache" expires, releasing a message that reveals the location of Oaken Point - an abandoned settlement in the Pleiades. Independent pilots discover audio logs at that location regarding a "Project Seraph" which sought to integrate a human pilot with a Thargoid ship. Following the trail, pilots discover that a test subject, "D-2" managed to escape with the help of someone working at Oaken Point following a string of failures in the experiments. Further logs make reference to "The Witch" and Azimuth.

"Our timeframe is likely to be slashed, of course. I fear our limited success is worth a few more years at best. The Witch will not be pleased with the lack of tangible results, despite our initial progress.

Still, one must remain optimistic. Our understanding of Thargoid interface mechanisms has improved considerably. Plenty of enhanced test subjects remain in our care. Dr Tao is writing a paper discussing their surgical procedures which should greatly benefit Azimuth’s medtech department."

~ Professor Thomas Dorne

Beacons in HIP 26176 and Col 69 Sector JI-I c10-4 contain further information, revealing a third beacon and ultimately access to a second research location. Anyone searching for further information on Project Seraph is encouraged to proceed with caution.

SEP, 3307 - Prime Minister Edmund Mahon comments on the Aegis inquiry:

“The greatest regret of my career is that I was unable to formalise the Sirius Treaty at the Galactic Summit. This would have revolutionised Aegis by providing the commitment and resources it deserves, sparing it the indignity of a public inquiry.”

“The Nine Martyrs attacks prevented that historic occasion, of course, but the Sirius Treaty itself remains viable. I’d be happy to ratify it on behalf of the Alliance if we can convince the other signatories that defending humanity from the Thargoid threat should be our utmost priority.”

The anonymous figure known as Salvation claims that Thargoid forces will attack the Cornsar system. The following message was received by all major newsfeeds:

“This is Salvation. Authorities in the Cornsar system must evacuate the local population immediately. I believe a Thargoid invasion of the system is imminent. I became aware of this danger while developing a new interstellar xeno-detection network, which will be far superior to Eagle Eye. Although the network is not fully complete, we cannot dismiss this report as a false reading. Cornsar must act now.”

Carter Armstrong, Aegis chief administrator has this to say:

“Aegis cannot validate this claim. There is no indication of a Thargoid presence in the vicinity, and Cornsar is too far from their known territories to be a viable target. As most of our operations are suspended due to the public inquiry, we cannot dedicate any resources to investigate further.”

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SEP, 3307 - Thargoids attack the Cornsar system, devastating two stations located in-system. Aegis, who didn't recogise Salvation's warnings as legitimate, are unprepared and unable to respond. In response, the Pilot's Federation call on all Commanders who are available to help.

As the battle rages in Cornsar, the Thargoid ships unexpectedly withdraw into Witchspace. Chadwick Port and Ito market sustain heavy damage as evacuation, rescue and reparation initiatives go underway.

Crashed Thargoid vessels are discovered on bodies in the Cornsar system, confirmed by Aegis' observation teams. However, no official explanation is offered. Shortly after, Salvation claims credit for the Thargoid retreat:

“This is Salvation. The Thargoid invasion of Cornsar has now been repulsed, thanks to prototype anti-xeno weaponry that I have been developing for some time. I have achieved what Aegis could not – an effective deterrent against the alien threat.”

Vox Galactica's freelance journalist Alexei Keel releases a special report:

“To deliver vital components for his mysterious anti-xeno weapon, Salvation once again recruited independent pilots, directly messaging those who had performed tasks for him before. However, this time a counter-initiative was formed by those who did not trust his motivations. It was also supported by believers in non-aggression against the Thargoids, and others who feared that the weapon might endanger Cornsar’s population....

...Aegis is investigating the Cornsar incident, but with faith in that organisation at an all-time low, individual Commanders are now taking matters into their own hands. Time will tell if Salvation’s ambition to replace Aegis is a noble goal, or if we are replacing the devil we know with a darker demon.”

Salvation goes on to contact players who supplied "Basic Medicines" to Cornsar and invites them to the Mbooni system. A Megaship located there has a Tech Broken contact who provides pilots who seek them uniquely engineered Anti-Xeno combat weapons.

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OCT, 3307 - A large number of Thargoid ships invade the Pleiades, Witch Head, Calnifornia and Coalsack nebulae. Thousands of casualties are estimated while Aegis are unable to assist:

"...the Baumann Report has tied our hands"

~ Admiral Aden Tanner

The Taurus Mining Ventures megaship, Bright Sentinel moves to the Merope system at Salvations request. Tech brokers on board offer Guardian-hybrid plasma chargers at discount to support the anti-xeno effort.

NOV, 3307 - Aegis Admiral, Aden Tanner called for the organisatin to reject the public inquiry's shutdown and take action against Salvation. He cites the distribution of unlicensed weapons technology distribution as being designed to provoke the Thargoids, risking millions of lives. Patience Middleton of Taurus Mining Ventures said that threats to gain access to Hind Mine asteroid base had no legal standing. Aegis leadership condemns Tanner's actions and order him to depart the T Tauri system.

A long-lost research facility was discovered in the Snake Sector GW-W c1-1 system following a distress signal picked up by a megaship forming the Colonia Bridge. The source was later identified as Holloway Bioscience Facility 15 on moon 5 b. The Holloway Bioscience Institute refused to comment on rumours that the facility's original crew encountered a previously unidentified life form.

A rogue Aegis Defense force initiates conflict with Taurus Mining Ventures in the T Tauri system. The force, led by Admiral Aden Tanner is helmed by the Musashi Megaship, contrary to orders from Aegis leadership. However, some speculate that the Admiral has tacit support from many members of the organisation. Taurus Mining Ventures declare the attack illegal and claim it will jeopardise important work which is in the galactic community's best interests. The conflict ends in Taurus Mining Venture's favour and Admiral Tanner is held in custody with Aegis internal security teams.

Admiral Aden Tanner and the crew of the Musashi megaship are placed on trial for attacking Salvation's allies. He stands formally accused of mutiny and unlawful military action. In face of dishonourable discharge and lifetime imprisonment, Admiral Tanner claims the Salvation's anti-xeno superweapon deployed in the Cornsar system has triggered an increase in Thargoid attacks.

Vox Galactica feature a report from freelance war correspondent Ernest Rios:

"Multiple starports have been crippled by Thargoid attacks in recent weeks, with anti-xeno squadrons struggling to protect them. Many Commanders told me that this latest wave is proving unusually difficult to repel, with a steady stream of reinforcements replacing those alien vessels destroyed in battle."

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DEC, 3307 - Commodore Morag Halloran becomes the new commanding officer of Aegis' Musashi Megaship. Her first transmission from this post acknowledges Salvation's anticipation of Thargoid attacks in the Maia, Merope and Delphi systems and calls for deliveries of classified experimental equipment. Commodore Halloran is one of hundreds of naval officers to resign their commissions to offer their services to Salvation in an effort to defeat the Thargoids. The experimental equipment goes on to develop large-scale weapons according to Salvations designs for disrupting Thargoid technology. The superweapons go on to clear most Thargoid vessels from Delphia, Maia and Merope, reminiscent of events in Cornsar:

"This is Halloran. Operation Tri-hammer has concluded with a code white-three-alpha. Estimated target destruction in Delphi is at 27%, with full dispersal of 98% of remaining hostiles. Scans underway for non-combatant disruption or casualties. Maia and Merope data to be submitted immediately to central analytics.”

Meanwhile, the Alliance Assembly, Federal Congress, and Imperial Senate acknowledge the loss of military personnel to Salvation's cause. While efforts are made to prevent further losses, rumours abound that concessions may include official support for Salvation's anti-xeno activities.

The Coalsack, Pleiades and Witch Head nebulas continue to see an influx of Thargoid vessels. Freelance war correspondent Ernesto Rios reports for Vox Galactica:

“Over the last few months, Thargoid ships have appeared in over two dozen populated systems including Shenve, Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5 and Coalsack Sector VU-O b6-6. All are in the vicinity of nebulas, which seem to be favoured by the Thargoids.”

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JAN, 3308 - The independent inquiry into Aegis concludes with recommendation to close the orginisation. Notably, the Baumann Report does not mention Salvation or suggest a replacement for Aegis.

"...the loss of the megaship Alexandria and the illegal attack against Hind Mine are both catastrophes that could have been anticipated and prevented. This board cannot in all conscience recommend any scenario that might enable further loss of life in Aegis’s name.”

~ Dr Paul Baumann

The Alliance, Empire and Federation accept the recommendation and shut down Aegis permanently. To make up for the closure, the Empire dedicated to an increased military budget for the Imperial Navy, the Federation creates a new naval strike force and the Alliance Defence Force commits to working with the Sirius Navy.

Xenological research laboratories set up by Professor Alba Tesreau will now transfer their work to specialist departments in the Holloway Bioscience Institute, Imperial Science Academy and Olympus Village University.

The Aegis Megaship Alexendria is discovered in the Wregoe TC-X B29-0 system after vanishing seven months prior. According to witnesses, its remains are scattered across the rings of planet 2 A and no Guardian Relics or survivors are found.

“We can now prove that the Alexandria’s loss was not caused by negligence, as claimed by the Baumann Report. In reality, the megaship was snared in a trap laid by an organised quasi-military force.

Furthermore, Captain Morales discovered that the raiders worked for someone they referred to as ‘the Witch’. That name was mentioned in logs discovered at HIP 22460 regarding Project Seraph – vile experiments perpetrated by Azimuth researchers to install human test pilots into Thargoid vessels.

This evidence suggests that Azimuth Biochemicals has survived in some form over the last two hundred years, and remains focused on aggressive xenological research. Aegis must be reinstated immediately to counter this dangerous organisation before more lives are lost.”

~ Chief Administrator Carter Armstrong on behalf of Aegis.

FEB, 3308 - Shutdown procedures for Aegis go ahead despite the organisation warning that Azimuth has returned. Conrad Sterling reported on the situation for Vox Galactica:

“We now know that the Alexandria megaship was targeted by a hostile force that could be Azimuth Biochemicals, the 200-year-old corporation which owned the Adamastor and Hesperus. In the face of this new evidence, Aegis leaders have petitioned for it to be reinstated.”

The HIP 12314, Dan, and Nauni systems come under heavy Thargoid attack. The Superpower's alternatives to Aegis are not yet formed so independent pilot's are called to aid. Commodore Morag Halloran, now Salvation's military coordinator, states that the most efficient use of their time is further anti-xeno superweapon development rather than "small-scale engagement".

The leader of Aegis formally petition the three superpowers to reform the organisation in light of alternatives struggling to get off the ground.

Dr Ruben Carpenter, head of Taurus Mining Venture's research division states detection of unusual radioactive signatures in Synuefe CE-R c21-6 and their intent to perform an analysis of any mineable materials. They go on to subcontract independent pilots to help gather the resources. An independent journal, The Empirical, notes that the signatures have not been verified by secondary sources.

Salvation receives further military support from each of the superpowers in addition to assistance in intelligence, logistics and security:

“Most of us are here because it feels like Salvation is the only one taking the fight to the Thargoids. Now that Aegis is as good as gone, he’s our best hope for stopping these aliens before they wipe us all out.”

~ Lieutenant Andrew Jones, recent Salvation volunteer

Overwhelming numbers of Thargoid vessels invade the Didio, Novas and Sosong systems. With Aegis officially disbanded and the Imperial Navy, Federal Navy and Alliance Defence Force unable to quickly mount a defence, local factions send out emergency calls for assistance from independent pilots.

MAY, 3308 - The invading Thargoid forces in the Didio, Novas and Sosong systems have been completely repelled by Salvation.

Vox Galactica journalist Jade Sanderlyn published this account:

“We’ve received confirmation from Commodore Morag Halloran that three anti-xeno superweapons were activated in Didio, Novas and Sosong. This caused the Thargoid fleets in all three systems to immediately withdraw into hyperspace.”

The anonymous scientist Salvation has made a statement following his latest success against the Thargoids.

“This is Salvation. The deployment of my anti-xeno superweapons in the Didio, Novas and Sosong systems was highly effective, just as I anticipated. Billions of lives were undoubtedly saved as a result.”

“Due to support from the Alliance, Empire and Federation, we have made a major breakthrough in utilising Guardian-based technology. Construction of the next generation of superweapons has already begun. These will allow us to deliver a truly overwhelming strike against the Thargoid species.”

However, an abandoned outpost in the DG Canum Venaticorum system could reveal the true identity of the anonymous figure Salvation.

Professor Alba Tesreau, former head of research at Aegis, made a public announcement:

“An untraceable source pointed me to the DG Canum Venaticorum system with the question: Who is Salvation? A unique detail caught my attention, so I requested verification from pilots who had supported Aegis. We found a previously undiscovered research outpost once controlled by the Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm.”

“I believe these logs may finally reveal Salvation’s real name and background. I urge the superpowers to halt their collaboration with Salvation while this new data is verified.”

JUNE, 3308 - The tide begins to turn on Salvation as the "truth" is revealed

Claims that Salvation was once a senior member of Azimuth Biochemicals who worked for INRA have led to a public outcry.

Political journalist Conrad Sterling reported on these developments for Vox Galactica:

“Information recently uncovered in the DG Canum Venaticorum system has been presented by Professor Alba Tesreau. It suggests that Salvation’s real name is Dr Caleb Wycherley, former vice-president of research at Azimuth Biochemicals. According to Wycherley’s personal logs, his team contributed to the development of the controversial mycoid bioweapon deployed by INRA during the First Thargoid War.”

“Wycherley’s logs also provide evidence that he gained the nickname of ‘The Witch’. This figure has been implicated in the murderous attack on the Alexandria megaship in June 3307 and in Project Seraph recordings found in the HIP 26176 and HIP 22460 systems.”

“Former Aegis leadership has demanded that Salvation be arrested and questioned over his involvement in these events, and that superpower fleet support for Salvation’s work be suspended until such questions have been answered.”

The details of the INRA base were revealed by a victim of project SERAPH where living subjects were grafted to Thargoid technology against their will.

“Most of these horrific experiments ended in failure or death, but the subject classified as D-2 escaped from Oaken Point by stowing away on a trader’s ship. Since then she has used her inside knowledge to investigate Azimuth, confirming Aegis’s belief that the corporation is still active.”

The Alliance, Empire and Federation have responded coolly to accusations that Salvation has hidden links to Azimuth Biochemicals and INRA.

“Salvation has always been a contentious figure, and the logs found in the DG Canum Venaticorum system have polarised public opinion further. Some are enraged that Salvation may have history with INRA or be responsible for the loss of the Alexandria. Others believe Aegis’s claims to be false, a desperate attempt to save themselves."

Salvation has announced that his partner organisation Taurus Mining Ventures is a modern incarnation of Azimuth Biochemicals.

“This is Salvation. In light of recent speculation, we are rebranding Taurus Mining Ventures as Azimuth Biotech. My intent is to prove that Azimuth has no further need to conceal its operations.”

The Alliance, Empire and Federation will continue collaborating with Salvation and Azimuth Biotech on anti-xeno operations.

“We now know the truth: Azimuth not only survived, but was responsible for many controversial activities. It contributed to the mycoid virus’s development, coordinated with Black Flight and oversaw Project Seraph. Now, this notorious organisation enjoys the trust of all three superpowers to eliminate the Thargoid threat.”

Salvation declares that HIP 22460 will be the stages for a decisive strike against the Thargoids:

“This is Salvation. Construction of the Proteus Wave has officially commenced. This version of my anti-xeno superweapon has been designed to bring absolute victory against our adversaries.”

“HIP 22460 will serve as the final battlefield in the Thargoid war. As with previous superweapons, we anticipate that the Guardian-based technology incorporated within the Proteus Wave will once again attract the Thargoids. However, this time it will eradicate the alien threat not just from the system, but from the entire galaxy.”

A coalition of independent Commanders has been formed to destabilise Salvation’s anti-xeno organisation. They take action to slow the progress of Azimuth Biotech in "Operation: Wych Hunt".

JULY, 3308 - Azimuth Biotech move into HIP 22460 and begin construction of the Proteus Wave superweapon.

Azimuth Biotech's operation in HIP 22460 is publicly denounced by the Far God cult. Meanwhile, Azimuth Biotech urgently requests deliveries of Guardian Artefacts to the system as vital components of the Proteus Wave superweapon. Artefacts are delivered en-masse, and shipments are rewarded from the Heart of Taurus.

HIP 22460 is invaded by large numbers of Thargoid vessels. A ferocious battle ensues between the invaders and naval/independent craft. A call for reinforcements is met with strong support from prominent figures throughout populated space while others voice their distrust.

New Federal and Imperial capital ships have arrive in HIP 22460 as Azimuth Biotech’s operation nears its conclusion. The following message is provided to all newsfeeds for public broadcast:

“This is Salvation. The Proteus Wave’s core mechanism will be fully constructed one week from today. We will then begin integration with the surface site on HIP 22460 10b, using designs of mine which are unique to the superweapon’s operation.”

A counter-statement regarding Azimuth Biotech is published by Professor Alba Tesreau, former head of research at Aegis:

“The recent declaration by Director Torben Rademaker paints a false picture of those pilots who are actively working against Azimuth Biotech. He frames them as criminals and alien sympathisers, betraying humanity to the Thargoids. This could not be any further from the truth. It is Azimuth’s own inhumanity that they are fighting against.”

“It’s unsurprising that Salvation’s focus is now on HIP 22460, given this system has long been part of Azimuth’s sinister legacy. On planet 7c is the abandoned settlement Fort Asch, where unlicensed scientists performed monstrous experiments to link human minds with Thargoid vessels. We know from Project Seraph’s sole survivor, known as Subject D-2, how brutal the results were.”

Salvation declares that the Proteus Wave is complete:

“This is Salvation. The core mechanism of the Proteus Wave is now fully assembled. Under my guidance, specialists are performing checks at the selected site on HIP 22460 10 b. Additional power capacitors are also being installed to improve energy transfer management.”

AUGUST, 3308 - The Proteus Wave superweapon is completed and Salvation prepares to fire.

Salvation’s anti-xeno superweapon is now complete and final preparations are underway in the HIP 22460 system.Commodore Morag Halloran, Azimuth Biotech’s military coordinator, broadcast this announcement from the Bright Sentinel megaship:

“Salvation has confirmed that the Proteus Wave core mechanism is fully active. Calibration inside the Thargoid structure on the surface of HIP 22460 10b has successfully concluded. Power sources derived from Guardian designs are building to the required levels, and a final series of safety checks are currently underway.”

“Upon detonation, the energy pulse generated by the Proteus Wave will cause catastrophic disruption to all Thargoid biomechanical technology within range. Every alien vessel in HIP 22460 will immediately cease to function. Salvation predicts that the wide-ranging impact of the superweapon will drive all Thargoids out of the core systems. In practical terms, tomorrow will be their doomsday.”

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JUL, 3307 - The Glorious Prospect megaship, contracted by Salvation, receives the vast majority of delivered artefacts and rewards pilots with a specially engineered Class 2 Fixed Guardian Shard Cannon. The Pilot's Federation declares these modules as "hot", requiring additional costs to clean them prior to installation.

The Scriveners clan Dredger leaves the system where the Hesperus is located. Erik Gunnarson of Wallglass Investigations Agency speculates:

“When the Scriveners laid claim to the Hesperus, I expected only a cloud of fragments would remain. But their salvage operation has been prematurely abandoned, after stripping the megaship’s innards and leaving behind a mostly intact hull. Why have they done this? Perhaps because this particular dredger clan avoids outsiders. [...] Alternatively, the Scriveners detected richer pickings elsewhere – either fresh resources for the dredger to consume or new information for their ‘Knowledge Core’. In theory they could still be tracked down as their vessel’s hyperdrive has a similar range to modern-day fleet carriers.”

Hmm I wonder, if this indicates something "interesting" in an approx. 500ly sphere around the Hesperus? Then again, a FC can immediately jump another 500ly after a short cool down. No idea if Dredgers have a similar capability.
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