The Azimuth Saga: The Story So Far



Very nice.

yes, many are following leads

I think there is still something to be gained from the Blue Vipers .
only thing I can think of that would make them go before they were finished is maybe they know where the other megaship is and all its guardian artifacts....and 4,000 crew, recruits...infusion and upgrade all in one.
This is great, and a great idea for keeping up to date if you have periods out of game, or when you doing have time to get involved in the lore or the metaplot. Keep it up and please can we have more.

You guys are doing wonderful stuff at the moment (and for the record, I am loving Odyssey, no matter what anyone else says)
For me, this kind of story content brings life to this game and interwoven with riddles and CGs gives one the opportunity to feel like being a port of this galaxy. Very much appreciate it and wouldn't mind more of it (and even helps to ignore one or the other bug in EDO).
Greetings Commanders, and welcome to the Azimuth Saga! Many of you will have caught wind of the various machinations of Aegis, Salvation, and other factions or individuals in recent times. This post will summarise these events as they unfold, so if you've missed anything or want to get involved, here's where to catch up!

Hi Bruce, thank you very much! Provided your consent, I have translated this article and made it available to the German community.
There haven't been any On-foot only CG's yet. So what ever version you play, it shouldn't impact story content availability to you.
There haven't been any On-Foot CGs yet.
If they had been building this as six chapters, each lasting 3 months as suggested, Frontier could have been planning that some of the later chapters would use on-foot for those that bought the DLC.

The question was a sensible one. I hope it doesn't mean that this saga is stalled whilst the defects are worked out on PC and the DLC released on console
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