The Bar Beyond Horizon

People may make think that Hutton Orbital is a time-consuming journey to travel, but there is something harder and longer than that. The Hutton Orbital is just the beginning. You can consider the Hutton Orbital as a test. If you are worthy of the knowledge, you will get information about a place even further in the deep space.

There are stories of a bar where highly ranked Elites with extremely fine-engineered ships gather up and boast about their secrets and pieces of information. The site is so difficult to get to that the secrets are mostly safe. Most who even try to get there miss the target and must return to safety before they run out of fuel. It is a tiny fraction of skilled Elites who survives the trip. These Elites must also choose to go beyond the horizon to the last fuel star. This choice will most likely be the last point before the trip to the unknown. The ship must be well engineered to top condition to survive this choice to proceed.

There is a small star out there extremely far in deep space, in which two planets orbit each other. The first planet of the twins is a water world with massive rings and asteroid belts. The second one is an earth-like world which has no colonization or any civilization. Both of these planets are kept purely wild. Everything you take there must be with you when you return. You must have nothing else with you.

The Lagrangian point of these two planets is called The Bar Beyond Horizon. It hosts a space station that terminates everyone without three of the completed Elite ranks. That ensures that secrets are kept safe from those who do not rank them.

The Bar Behind Horizon is not a secret. After all, it is a bar. Without a beacon, it makes it nearly impossible to get there. It is not directly possible to jump there. There is a black hole that distorts space just from an angle that prevents direct jumps to its location. The distance and the journey itself is a measure of safety and respect for the lost Elites. It takes a lot of planning and nerves to get there.

This place is not a joke since it has a clear purpose. It does feel like Raxxla. No, it is not Raxxla. This is not a myth. Perhaps you might find something about Raxxla if you manage to get there. But even then, those who been there usually do not share their information due to the value of it. Those secrets that are told to the public lose their value and become immediately obsolete. Now, that is not what Elites usually do if they do not want to become hunted with a massive bounty on their heads. The secrets change due to time. After all, nothing remains solid. Life goes on.

The missions and secrets learned in there will pay off the trip to get there. The secrets are shared only to those who deserve them. So do not expect that just getting there is all you need. That is just a step to gain an alliance.

Of course, there are pirates and other kinds of characters who try to abuse this place and attempts to make it easy to access there. Every time someone installs a beacon nearby, it gets destroyed by the defense forces immediately or by the designated Elites.

There is a reason why you need to plan the way there.
It represents the fight against impossible odds.

There is a reason why everyone will not make it there.
It represents the honor of those who had a hard fight and lost the battle.

The point is to honor those who die in battles and will not return.
The place is also a memorial to all who died and will never return.

The Bar Beyond Horizon is a place where tears become valued.

It is an honor for Elites to bring these tears to the home system of the deceased ones. The tears begin a ceremony at any space station in the galaxy. When the real death is confirmed, fireworks appear and last an hour. Each ship the deceased Elite had earned will appear in front of the space station and explode after the name been read aloud. After all this, a convoy will carry the body to the nearest star and release it to the final rest.
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I suggest this because I want to share some of the feelings I have. The battle against cancer and knowledge my life will change forever with it or end in silence.

The Bar Beyond Horizon is not hidden myth like Raxxla, but it takes a real battle of mind to get there. You have to see your ship to be in edge of no fuel and barely make it to refuel it again and again. Not just once... You need to sleep over it and ask yourself... Do you want to continue? Every single trip to the next fuel star could be a choice you will not make it there to survive... This is not an average trip in Elite, this trip represents the real time and fear we face. - It is not hidden because it has a reason. You must survive but you must fight hard.

Every single fuel star is like your morning and every edge you survive is like the dawn. - Every single day is harder than the previous.... The trip will be longer. But will you make it to the end.
You do not even know. - Hutton Orbital is just a joke. - Believe me... Go and find The Bar Beyond Horizon...

Fuel Rats... You know... This one might be your ultimate task. What is enough fuel to give fuel. - You will feel like the doctors who tries to remove cancer. Still you might not make it.
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Of course, due fact you carry fuel... There will be desperate pilots who try do everything they can to get your fuel. Teamwork is essential since the last flight might be too long for a one to complete without fuel carriers whose job is to refuel in middle of absolutely nowhere.
Hutton Orbital has already been visited... This next one alike would take days to travel... Because there is a reason for it.

Getting there is like going to Mount Everest. You need to plan it.
I just got to love the trolls who dont get the point. Prolly requir3s more ore mining before the irony can be processed to be a bar to be bend from iron.
I actually didn't read the second post the first time around.

Sorry to hear about that commander. I was just expressing that I didn't really understand the suggestion.

I think the suggestion is something to do with a long super cruise journey to a new system, longer than Hutton Orbital? You want FD to create a new system with a longer travel distance?

And... something else that I don't really understand?

My initial "What?" was actually me asking what the suggestion was as it's unclear.
Yes. I have played games that have some goals which take months or even years go complete. But this one needs to be extreme so the pilots will need to choose if they can actually handle the pressure caused by time to get there. Hutton is actually a short trip in role games... Yes there is a meaning behind this. It is actually the fact I fight against cancer and the best way to explain this is to show how it feels to travel in very deep space without knowing will I see the next star to fuel with. - Yes I am aware of fuel rats, but this makes it even extreme... You need to carry so much fuel that even fuel rats might have problems to achieve this together. - Thats why the target is in plain sight... Not secret.. It is there as a real target. It just has to be extreme hard to get to. Hopefully 2 weeks with a few fuel stars required. - It is like mount everest... Remarkable achievement.
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I have 2 weeks left and I am locked down because of corona. I am not allowed to get sick or they will not operate. I will not be able to see anyone. I am alone. Nobody can or are allowed help me. There are no promises for me to survive so my tears are real. This trip here is real. I might not make it. But I have to fight every day without knowing how long this trip last. Therefore, Elite Dangerous can offer this feeling to others by having a goal in deep space that is beyond horizon. Beyond a point of return when you can not jump to safety if you start this trip. You need to go on and place bets if you make it or not. - Those who die in game.. It's like cancer... Unfortunate fact. Those still may try again... But I might not be able to. - Fuel rats might consider them the doctors which will try to remove the cancer. It must take teamwork... It needs to be hard.
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Its an idea, in all honesty it would lead to massive salt and a YouTube video within 3 days showing the route and how to plot there so it wouldn't be what you want it to be.

Beagle Point is generally seen as 'that journey' the one that you have to plan, any journey into the black may not return.

When I read it I thought it was a story in the lore section, maybe turn your attention to creative writing as you express yourself very well.

Cant pretend to understand or comprehend but know that people care, theyre isolating from you because they are the hazard to you. Helplines and chat help is available while your stuck alone.

Right On Commander!
There are always those who success. Yes. I know that. Success is nothing to be affraid of. Every team has a plan how to get there an they will surely brag about it... The cancer heroes... But never the real challence to actualy do this another because result in youtube video is short... No matter how it is planned, the time can not be skipped.
Make a trip a Lot Longer than to the Hutton Orbital, so that it has to be planned and will take days and requires step by step refueling between fuel stars to reach the target.
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