Flat Rides The Bazaar Genie Flatride - :)

The Bazaar Genie Flat Ride - Bazaar themed
Created by Paulsley

Wander through the bazzar and take a ride on the Magical Carpet and overlook the wonder and delights below. Sugar and Spices and even some Rices, Gifts galore a goldsmith and more. A Blacksmith and Dates and low low rates. Get what you needie at the Bazzar Genie.

Piece Count - 4000 (Phew)
Excitement - 3.17
Fear - 3.07
Nausia - 2.88

This will be uploaded onto my YouTube channel at some point so come and check it out :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzksmuGZkuUN8x4wD9Pd5dQ?view_as=subscriber


Thank you for looking :)
I really like this.

You can smell the spices and hear all the people making a general noise you hear in markets (bazaar).

I have to revise my opinion from the other post something. The details at the bazaar are really fascinating.

But I found the video particularly inspiring because it also brought me some new ideas for my park. Thanks for sharing.
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