[INDEPENDENT] The Black Void Syndicate

Commanders: The seedy underbelly on the Ps4 has decided to unite together to form the Syndicate. This will be a place for the smugglers and pirates to come together to make the most out of our less than reputable careers. We will be banding together so that we can find the best smuggling runs, the best pirating systems and allow for a more interactive community that the rest of your fellow commanders would rather ignore.

Share loadouts, share best practices, share systems, share on what to be on the lookout for, find wings to better raid the space cows, join a crew to get your feet wet, find the credits

Share best loadouts, find the best builds, share ideas, find profitable runs, what to look for to find those profitable runs, showing new smugglers the ropes

The Black Void Syndicate mission statement:
We will extend our reach and influence deep throughout the universe of Elite Dangerous spreading corruption as we rise to power. If its illegal, we are involved. We use any means necessary to line our pocket books.

Inara page has been set up as well and may be the better site for discussions.
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Count me in :)

I will be the scourge of open, we will be the scourge of open,. they will whisper stories about us round the camp fires, parents will threaten naughty children with us, we are the new bogey men. People will claim to be us, some will hate us, some will love us, all will fear us. In time whole super powers will hunt us, employ us, revere us, hunt us some more and then fear us again

We want your cargo, we want your rares, we want your CG offerings. (But not all of it).

Obey and avoid the re-buy, run and lose your shields, keep on running and it may get expensive.

I'm looking forward to this....

Any good long range smuggling runs? Bored of the one jump ones that are local to me (kamadhenu)nwould like ones from outside the bubble really....

My PSN tag is at the bottom of my sig, but if there are any questions: Curvemn17

Also, as you said I only operate in Open as well unless I have to change the board from time to time to refresh missions, but I always leave the dock in Open.
I just ran a smuggling run from Sumod to LTT 9455. I bought 32t of imp slaves at Sharp Dock and sold them at O'Leary Vision for a $43k profit. I ran it in a Cobra, if you had a Clipper or Cutter you could duck in at a decent speed and crush the profit margin. 53.30LY trip between the two.

I'm going to try to find a run that would be battle weapons as I heard smuggling those can be decent profit.
*At the station they have two factions offering smuggling runs for personal weapons that are paying 400k without being allied.
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1 more small smuggling route I found.

Takes 2 jumps between the two. Plus I think the station in Wolf 906 looks awesome.
Buy Narcotics from Garen Ring platform in WW Piscis Austrini and take them to Wolf 906. Sell them for 535cr profit per unit.
NorsePaganPirate Gamer tag for being naughty sent a request this morning

We need to find a home base of operations? preferably a decent anarchy with large landing pads. The base I was using has just gone from Anarchy to Corporate, so I need to relocate...again

I've just temp moved home to



Pop 10,622,647

It has a Coriolis and an outpost, Hi tech Anarchy, shipyard, outfitting, black market.

Being Hi tech hopefully decent NPC cargo to take.

It's just a suggestion, there will be better places, this is just a quick move 07
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I'll be in for this. Currently out exploring. PS4 player now but used to player pirate exclusively on PC :)

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I agree, a home base for role playing purposes would be a good idea. I'm going to see if I cant find an asteroid base in or near the bubble, preferably in a belt or asteroid cluster seeing as how we are pirates and smugglers I think that would be kinda cool. If not we should hunt for a base in an anarchic system like you said, but maybe near empire space for easy access to things like narctics, weapons, and imp slaves.
Funnily enough the next system over from this one is also anarchy and i took 45 imp slaves plus trinkets oof fortune (which are worth hardly anything) from a couple of type 7 there

But yes, some where seedy and dank
have a look at the one i'm in though, see what you think
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Nice! I'll check it out later today, I have a list of 8+ yours so 9 systems I am going to look at and see what the conditions are plus cool factor. I made an Inara page if people want to add that to their profile or set up a profile there. I figure this will probably be the main point of contribution considering it allows easy posting of smuggling runs, etc. However, we shall see. I just joined the Inara page.
So with engineering limpet collector and hatch breaker controllers, Ive just been going with light weight modifications cause they seemed the most logical, but do the shielded/reinforced options actually make the limpets themselves tougher, or just the controllers? Kinda hoping the limpets as well as that may help survive dense PD fire.
I don't know on that one, I havent messed with the engineers yet. Im planning on doing that maybe this weekend or next. Im looking to get enough to but my thrusters for my anaconda since i recently sold my clipper for the anaconda. Then I would recommend like you did lasers of some sort to pull the shields down and then target the PD itself. Once that is gone they cant repair it and you can just stick all pips to shields while you launch collectors and hatch breakers then if you want to send the system into lock-down you can either destroy the NPC to faster facilitate it or just let it go but it wont go into lock down as quickly. I had heard it recommended to sell stolen goods it Delaines territory because he paid 10% more but I dont know if that still holds true.

Sorry had to edit my post as I didnt realize you meant engineering on the limpets.
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Sweet. Ive got some 5A collector limpets sitting in my mostly unused Fed Dropship miner, so I'll take them 'round to Tina Fortune at some point and see if reinforced/shielded options improve limpet survivability.

I'd actually thought about trying that a week or so ago when I found a huge unguarded automated mining extractor base on some random planet. Blowing up all the extractors and carting the metals/minerals back to my ship two at a time in the SRV seemed like a huge hassle so I tried launching collectors limpets while in the air, but they just exploded when they hit the ground trying to collect the goods. I kinda doubt the reinforced/shielded modifications will affect the limpets themselves, but if they do that's another situation they'll be useful for.

ed: They do? Well there we go.
Hi All

Ok, so signed in with my Pirate ID,

Does anyone kn ow of a way around point defence? There is no point targeting it and shooting it as the ship will blow up before the point defence. EMP? surely that would wipe out your limpet? Hmm, maybe if the 'victim' has PD the old way of targeting the cargo hatch maybe the only option?

Any thoughts....

(Cmdr NordicPagan)

Cmdr NorsePaganPirate

Black Sun Syndicate
The only way to shoot it out is with lasers or missles but it has to hit on the side of the ship that has PD. The PD is very small so if the ship rolls and you hit the hull you're in trouble. You could go for overheating the enemy with rails or Plasma Acc I believe. Then the module or maybe the cargo hatch would fail.
Shot the cargo hatch out on the last type 7, it dropped 20+ ton of cargo which was food stuff but couldn't get the thing to drop the battle weapons it was carrying and that's what I was after. FDEV can us would be Pirates please have something that will help counter point defence? (two hopes there, bob and no). I'm trying to not kill the NPC at the moment, using them as practice for bigger things.

Also discovered that when pirating in a medium system, the feds are there real quick, I mean lightning fast as soon as you've interdicted and sent off the hatch breaker. So its going to have to be low security and anarchy, I want to pirate outside of anarchy tho, pirating anarchy systems seems a cop out tbh. But I'll test a low security tonight.

We can wing up again if your'e about and don't have a plan for your game session, if not then no worries.

No plans. I plan on pirating today. Im gonna get on now for a little bit, but I have plans starting at 6pm central US time. I went down to Runo yesterday because, 1 it has an asteroid base with a blackmarket I thought was cool and 2 its next to Delaines terrritory which I read pays 10% more for stolen goods. Im gonna test the 10% more theory today. I can always zip up to Borsetani if I need to purchase anything or when I wing up with you.
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