Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club Present: Heavy Metal Megadeth - 6th - 11th September 3302


After the recent success of the TrakMark sponsored Total Recall 2 event. The Pilot's Federation has asked the Buckyball racing club to assist them in investigating an aspect of pilot safety that has been causing them growing concern. Since the beginning of 3302 the Pilot's Federation has noticed a sharp increase in the number of crash landings reported on high gravity planets. In order to assess whether ship thrusters require an across the board power increase they have asked the Buckyball Racing Club to organise an event that involves pushing ships to their maximum tolerances during high gravity landings.

To this end, the Buckyball Racing club invites all interested pilots to gather at the Dog and Thargoid bar, Cook Gateway, Medzistha. The race consists of taking off from Cook Gateway, performing a single hyperspace jump to Omicron Capricorni B, land on planet A4, anywhere. Take off and return to Cook Gateway, Medzistha.

Pilots are warned that omicron Capricorni B, A 4 has a surface gravity of 4g and extreme caution should be exercised on exit from orbital cruise/glide.

The event will run from 0000 IGT/UTC 6th September until 2359 IGT/UTC 11th September 3302. Any runs must have a start time before 2359 IGT/UTC 11th September 3302 to be eligible.

Final Results


New to Racing?

Please refer to the following instructional video, courtesy of CMDR furrycat:

Don't worry too much about all the rules and regulations below it pretty easy once you give it a go.

Rules and Regulations

Firstly let me state that landing on high g planets is very tricky. If you have never done it before and attempt to land as normal you will likely see the insurance screen, so be warned! Choose a cheap ship or take it very steady until you have got the hang of it...

There are two classes the Regulation Hauler and Open Unlimited.

The regulation hauler must be outfitted as follows. It can be bought and outfitted at Cook Gateway. It is the stock hauler with a D class FSD to allow reaching Omicron Capricorni B in a single jump and the shields removed. The regulation hauler will qualify for a 10 second time reduction if the screenshot of it landed on omicron Capricorni B, A4 shows it with 100% hull.

In Open Unlimited anything goes – Engineer’s modifications and FSD boosts are allowed.

This race requires the Elite Dangerous: Horizons expansion.

When docked in station you must take a screen shot showing the on screen clock. You must be docked.

When landed on the planet you must take a screen shot with the ship landed. Showing the "HOLD R OR [] TO LAUNCH" message.

The Route

Start at Cook Gateway, Medzistha
Land anywhere on Omicron Capricorni B, A4
Return to Cook Gateway, Medzistha.

Race submissions:
Screenshot at start and finish docked in Cook Gateway, Medzistha showing the cockpit clock
Screenshot of modules screen
Screenshot of your ship landed on Omicron Capricorni B, A4 showing the cockpit clock
Your CMDR name
Your forum name if not the same as your CMDR name
Your ship type
Your ship name
Race Class (open unlimited or regulation hauler)
Game Mode (open/solo) - The official race is Open only. Times can be submitted in Private or Solo as a 'guest' time and will be marked accordingly.

refer to Buckyball Racing Club site for details

E-mail (markzx59@buckyballracing <dot> org <dot> uk) or PM me the above

Please state you intent to race in the thread below

Your CMDR name
Your ship type
Your ship name
Race Class
Heavy Metal band that best represents your flying style

Finally thanks to CMDR Jak (Jhyrryl) whose post about Omicron Capricorni B A 4 gave me the best candidate planet for the event :)
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Intent to pancake:

CMDR Bruski
Regulation Hauler
AC/DC - Highway to Hell

CMDR Bruski
Imperial Courier
Varangian Lightning
Open Unlimited
Dragonforce - Through Fire and Flame
- It's short

- It's simple

- It may cause death, multiple times, ludicrously

Sold! :D

Cmdr Aken B.
Regulation Hauler
It Plummets
Pantera (Cowboys From Hell)

Open Unlimited T.B.D.

Dragonforce - Through Fire and Flame

Would have been my first pick...there's people with tastes in there! ;)
Flying with this as background should give you at least a 200 m/s boost by awesomeness alone, may count as cheating :p
By the way, if ever there was a race crying out for a shieldless joker bonus, this is it! :p

P.S. ultimate accompanying song (if the tempo weren't all wrong) ... Gravity Grave by the Verve!
By the way, if ever there was a race crying out for a shieldless joker bonus, this is it! :p

P.S. ultimate accompanying song (if the tempo weren't all wrong) ... Gravity Grave by the Verve!

Yes I did think about that but I thought I'd keep it simple as it's an MWM, my planning time was limited and joker result calculation makes my brain hurt :)
Heavy Metal band that best represents your flying style

Whoops, missed this. OK, let's do this properly then ...

Cmdr Alec Turner
Open Unlimited
Imperial Courier
Sans Serif #9 (currently)

Spinal Tap ('cos the Sans Serif goes to eleven).

P.S. when I first saw the announcement of this race I had literally minutes earlier finally bought myself the Anaconda I'd been dreaming of for 21 months and then subsequently rammed it (gracefully I should add) straight into the mailslot of Jameson Memorial in front of about five or six player witnesses (everyone does that right?). Anyway, for a second (just a second mind you) I entertained the notion of doing this race in it. Then I looked at how much money I had left (I had over 220 million after the Morai CG ... where the hell's all that gone?!?!) and decided maybe not. I did however take the "Wedding Anniversary" (AspX) for my first ever look-see at a 4G planetary landing and am pleased to say I pretty much aced it (well OK, one slight bounce that stripped 25% hull but you know, any landing you can walk away from is a good one right?).
Prësënting ...

Hëavy Mëtal Mëgadëth (another Buckyball movië)


Too soon for my race vidëo? Wëll sorry but a) it's MWM so it's not on for that long, b) I REALLY like this onë :D, c) I want to rë-post it ovër on the ED Community FB pagë to try and ëncouragë other pëoplë to givë this a try (not that that's ëvër workëd bëforë ... can it rëally bë that thërë arë only about 20 pëoplë in thë world that want to particpatë in a Buckyball racë?).

Also, apologiës for thë somëwhat mainstrëam music sëlëction but it sëëms I don't have any 5-star, 4 minutë long mëtal tracks in my music collëction. I'vë attëmptëd to makë up for this with a prodigious sprinkling of mëtal umlauts.

The first attempt... did not go as smoothly as planned. But... well... as you all know, since I never crash, it must never have happened. Right?

☠@✴# planet!!!
The first attempt... did not go as smoothly as planned. But... well... as you all know, since I never crash, it must never have happened. Right?

☠@✴# planet!!!

Arrival of the Empress to be did go as smoothly as planned?

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We have the first results update.

Alec is making a name for himself in the open/unlimited class despite video evidence suggesting it may not have been his first attempt (4 pips to shields ;) ). With CMDR Bruski coming in a close second.

in the regulation hauler class CMDR Bruski is leading the way in the Lazarus.

Sounds like you're all having fun which is good. So good in fact I feel i may need to declare my intent to not win my own race by entering in a T9 :mad:

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Open Unlimited entry on the ready, lithobraking like there's no tomorrow (and there's actually no tomorrow, most of the times! [big grin]):

Cmdr Aken B.
Viper Mk III
Spirit Of Shenanigan (now with 10% more thrusters shenanigans!)
Open Unlimited
Judas Priest (Painkiller)

Times incoming for both Hauler and Open.

"Ned the Companion Head" was apparently pretty disappointed with my first attempt at lithobraking the Spirit:
Hauler run submitted.

Ship name: Gravity Grave

I forgot to include a metal band / song name with my submission so, given that the shortest time wins in Buckyballing I'll go with Napalm Death / You Suffer.

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