Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club Presents: A Halpy Hand (11th Jan - 19th Jan, 3306)


Thanks to CMDR Alec Turner for the banner

The Hull Seals are an organisation dedicated to help people who damaged their hulls, similar to the Fuel Rats, just with other limpets. Nearing the anniversary of the Seal's creation, it's time to celebrate it with a nerve-wrecking Buckyball race!
Halpy, the god of the Hull Seals, demands a tribute.
This race will test your skills in route plotting, jumping and fast approaching locations, everything a seal needs to master.

How to Race

  • Start docked at Arfstrom Station | Oppidavasti
  • Find a station that sells fish other than the starting point, purchase 4 tons of it
  • Drop 1 ton of fish inside the rings of Arjung 4 as a tribute to Halpy
  • Fly to the 'Blazin' Dynamo' POI in Kemurukamar and fly through one of the tunnels of the unauthorized installation, while a limpet is actively repairing your hull (you need to damage it first)
  • Sell the rest (3 tons) of the fish at Fisher Enterprise in Maya
  • Return to Arfstrom Station in Oppidavasti

open unlimited final.png

unlimited bonus final.png

regulation dolphin final.png

regulation bonus final.png

Classes and Courses
Open Unlimited

Any ship, any modules, any engineering.
Cone boosting is allowed.
Using synthesis is allowed (however it is discouraged to dive into hours of farming mats, just for the race. Keep it reasonable, guys and gals!).
Using supercruise assist is allowed.

Anything goes that is allowed inside the game's TOS! Seals need to be as fast and efficient as they can, so go nuts ;)

Regulation Class
This time in a proper maritime themed vessel: The Dolphin.
In this class only the following coriolis build is allowed:
Banned: Any engineering, any other modules not listed in the build, any synthesis.
Please report if the link is broken.
Note: You will need to set your power priorities according to the link to make it work, OR turn modules on and off manually. Power managing will be required when dorpping cargo.

Bonus Challenge
We will be offering a special challenge dedicated to the Hull Seal's call codes.
This works as follows:
If participants match the conditions corresponding to the call codes at all of the checkpoints except for the start, a time bonus will be granted depending on their speed at each checkpoint and the code(s).

These codes are:

Hull % 95 - 51


Hull % 50 - 11


Hull % 10 - 0


Broken Canopy

Once the conditions for a valid bonus run are met, time will be substracted from your total as follows:
sum of speed at each waypoint in meters per second x bonus multiplier = time in seconds to be substracted (rounded up)
Multipliers are as follows:
Code Green = 1.0
Code Amber = 1.4
Code Red = 2.0
Code Black = 1.2
In other words: High risk, high reward!
And yes, negative times are a valid possible outcome.
Bonus run times will have their own scoreboard.

Q & A
Q: Why is the Code Black multiplier so low?
A: Because theoretically you can do it with 100% hull and thus is less risky than a Code Red.
Q: Can I combine Code Black with another code?
A: Yes! A Code Black and a Code Amber will result in a 1.6 multiplier for example.
Q: Can I drop from let's say a Code Green to a Code Amber during the run?
A: No, you'll have to maintain the same code level throughout your run to get the bonus.
Any more questions? Feel free to ask.

Tips and Tricks
New to racing? Please refer to the following instructional video, generously commissioned by Anthony and Enoch Lonnegan, produced by CMDR Furrycat:

Been a racer for awhile, and you're looking for more advanced tips and tricks? Check out the recent video from Lavecon made by CMDR Alec Turner:

Proof and Submissions

It’s highly recommended that you use video capture to record your run, and obtain screenshots from the video capture later. Most video cards have software that will enable video capture without excessive performance impact, for example, for AMD, Shadowplay for Nvidia, and Game DVR for Xbox.

Screenshots are the fastest and lowest bandwidth way to submit your run, but if you wish to upload a full video and link to that instead, that would be great!
If you’re feeling kind, please provide timestamps for the start and end screenshot times.

For both classes you will need the following screenshots:
1: Docked at Arfstrom Station, showing 100% Hull
2: Docked at the station of choice for buying fish
3: Fish buying screen in the commodity market with 4 tons selected
4: One ton of fish targeted inside the rings of Arjung 4, day side with the planet name visible
5. Inside a tunnel of the unauthorized installation with the POI targeted and a repair limpet attached to your hull
6. Selling screen of fish at Fisher Enterprise in Maya
7. Docked back at Arfstrom Station, looking towards the back wall/tower (no blowing up to get to the station faster ;) )
Make sure the ingame clock is visible on all screens.

For video submissions a full, un-edited video of the run will be required.
If anything is unsure on how to do this, feel free to ask. Example pics will be provided later (one I find the time to take them)
For proof of the bonus challenge:
Screenshots of passing through the mailslot (can be either entering OR leaving the station, but not both) at checkpoint stations are required, showing your speed, hull % and ingame clock.
Screenshots of the Fish canister must be taken within 1km distance of it.
If you've chosen to use a station that does not have a mailslot for buying your fish, the screenshot must be within 2km of it.
Submission form:
Submitted runs will be accepted from Saturday 11th 0:00 CET (my timezone) until Sunday 19th 23:59 CET

Example screenshot of cargo canister and planet targeted:

Example of a buying screen:


If you wish to register your intent to race, a common format is:

Intent to Race/Drive/Crash/Splat/Crush
Ship Type (optional)
Race Class (Unlimited/Regulation)
Ship Name

This allows other competitors to look out for you on the course, add you to their friends list, and generally have a fun time.


The winners of each Leaderboard will recieve one of the Hull Seals embroidered patches, donated by CMDR Drebin Omega!

To wrap it up

This is my first time being a race host, so if I forgot anything important, please tell me.
Check this thread regularly for updates.
For more info/chatter from/with other racers, join the Buckyball Racing Club Discord:
If you're interested in becoming a Hull Seal, join this discord:


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Volunteer Moderator
I know it's a Walrus, but couldn't find a good enough Seal.

I'm going to need to think about this one I see... Especially with a regulation build including a Fuel Scoop that you can't use... 🤔
I'm also going to need to try using repair limpets, as I've never used them before.
I'm going to need to think about this one I see... Especially with a regulation build including a Fuel Scoop that you can't use... 🤔
The scoop should only be deactivated when hardpoints deploy. May need to test and re-adjust the build if it doesn't work like that. Thanks for pointing out tho
I've struggled to find time to play recently, but I'm honestly hoping to participate in every race in 3306, so:

Intent to make it to the start line! :)

CMDR Raiko
Unlimited Class
The Nomad (Asp-X)

If I manage a couple of Unlimited runs, I'll also participate in regulation class as well.
Excite! Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. (though I probably won't be able to attend :( )
Increasing your FSDs jump range temporarily by dipping into the cones of a white dwarf or neutron star. Don't worry about it, there's no neutron stars in the bubble and white dwarves are not considered worth the risk (they only give you 50% more range, usually have shorter cones and have a much larger exclusion zones). I briefly tried using white dwarves last race and it didn't help my time at all.
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