Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club presents: Hot Off The Press (17th to 25th August 3305)

Dear photojournalist applicants ... just to let you know that all our race adjudicators are otherwise engaged at the moment but we are aware that several new submissions to the race have been made today and hope to be attending to these later.

Thanks for your continued interest!
P.S. further clarification on "crashed ship" - basically I intend to tweak the wording to say something like "permanent wreckage". Essentially what I'm trying to rule out is people shooting another ship to get both "explosion" and "wreckage" out of the same ship. Apologies if that affects your plans.
Well after seriously hurting my brains I have a viable route and hopefully can submit long as its accepted of course!!! (I have taken a bit of a liberty but not mentioned in rules) I wont post it in open as it may be non valid..we will see.
On the plus point Phantom took no damage crashes..most odd!
Fly hard brothers!
Okedoke folks, time for another scoreboard update I think - and things are definitely beginning to warm up.

First off we have a brand new entry from Nickweb85 flying his Asp Explorer "USS Janeway". He's disappointed in his run but nevertheless managed to satisfy all 6 requirements in under and hour which I reckon is fine for a first attempt.

Then there are two really stonking runs, both under half an hour and both also from first timers. First there's OrangePheonix flying his Anacdonda "Orphan Annie" and taking 2nd place while claiming he "will do better", and then we have TwoSpoons77, brand new to Buckyball Racing and flying the flag for SPVFA straight into first place with a really excellent sub-25 minute time! His top tip for other budding hi-speed photojournalists? Spend more time planning than flying!

An excellent first weekend's racing - time for just a little bit of pie I reckon!

P.S. I've now rephrased the shipwreck description to hopefully make things much clearer ...

"A shipwreck (human)" - this must be a ship (i.e. not an SRV) but any clearly crashed, wrecked or derelict ship (planetside or in space) other than capital ships will do. It should be a permanent wreck (i.e. not the remains of your explosion from group #3 for example).
Was originally going to wait until later in the day for the next update but this one's too good to sit on.

Cmdr Numerlor, flying the unimaginatively named "Imperial Courier" (can you guess what kind of ship it is?) has completed the task in not much over ten minutes using a technique I very much had in mind myself. Bravo sir - a bold gambit which has paid off in spades!


P.S. it's been brought to my attention that currently we have no burning stations for group #2 so I've extended the requirements to allow stations under repair as well.


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I have a slight issue in that my graphics card is playing up and I can't play any games for longer than a couple of minutes before the screen goes grey with stripy lines and I have to switch off my PC. I can't find the reason for it happening, everything appears to be normal. So I'm going to take a hammer delicate approach to see if I can fix it this evening.

As predicted, a couple more updates mean that Cmdr OrangePheonix has indeed crept up the leaderboard to snatch 2nd place away from TwoSpoons77. Meanwhile, Numerlor continues to chip away at his time and has now managed to change the word "over" in his time to "under". In fact, he could actually have completed another run in the time it took me to write this forum post. o_O

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