Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Colonia Trophy Dash

The Buckyball Racing Club Presents: The Colonia Trophy Dash. A Standing Challenge Event in Colonia

The Colonia Trophy Dash is a time trial race that is intended to be an ongoing standing challenge with all waypoints in the Colonia region. All waypoints accept all three size classes of ship, so all ship types can compete. In a similar manner to the A* Challenge, the race will be split into Classic and Unlimited classes and the fastest times for each ship class will also be recorded.

For several months in 3307, the race was run by CMDR Alec Turner, who created a thread here: . This was a temporary arrangement whilst I dealt with irl issues, which have now been resolved, and submissions should continue here as usual. Many thanks to CMDR Alec Turner for volunteering your time and effort!
There are two separate race classes: Classic and Unlimited. In Classic, no Engineering, FSD synthesis or Guardian technology is permitted but Neutron star and White Dwarf jet cone boosts are permitted: this is intended to both allow a level playing field and to encourage new players to race. In Unlimited, Engineering, FSD synthesis and Guardian Technology are all permitted. The use of Supercruise Assist and Docking Computers is not allowed in either category.
Note that it is necessary to have Elite: Dangerous: Horizons to participate. The Buckyball Racing Club's Discord server ( and website ( provide helpful information on entering a race and hints and tips for improving your flying skills.
Race times in Classic class are expected to vary considerably but a vessel with a decent jump range should be able to complete the course in under an hour, depending on chance factors such as planetary alignments. In comparison, Unlimited times are anticipated to be approximately 45 minutes or less but will also vary significantly by ship, loadout and pilot experience, with the very top pilots possibly completing the course in under 25 minutes in racing-optimised ships. Participants may take part in any play mode they wish but Open play is encouraged in order to meet other racers on the course.

Race Outline
The race begins at the Dove Enigma megaship in the Colonia system and ends at Jaques station, also in Colonia. After leaving the Dove Enigma, the course proceeds through the following locations, in order, before returning to Jaques:
  • Colonia Dream, Ratraii. (Coriolis)
  • Moore's Charm, Luchtaine. (Asteroid Base)
  • Brazilian Dream, Santos Dumont. (Plantery Port)
  • Vera Rubin Complex, Garuda. (Planetary Port)
  • Pedersen's Legacy, Mobia. (Planetary Port)
  • Fort Mug, Eol Procul Centauri. (Planetary Port)
  • Mortimer's Charm, Kinesi. (Orbis)
The starting point for the race is the Megaship Dove Enigma. Large landing pad availability is limited so, to race in Open if there are no free pads, it is possible to dock in Solo mode and then switch to Open once docked: a new instance will be created to accommodate you. Remember that, after landing, the pad still needs to turn around as normal so remember to enter the hangar and then return to the surface to avoid beginning with the pad turning around.

The megaship Dove Engima seen against the background of the Colonia Nebula.
The first port of call in the race is Colonia Dream, the first Coriolis to be constructed in the Colonia region after Jaques' arrival. It is in close orbit of a moon that is itself in close orbit of its parent planet.

The Coriolis station Colonia Dream seen next to Ratraii A 3 a, with Ratraii A 3 in the background.
The next stop is the Luchtaine system, where the Engineer Mel Brandon operates from The Brig, but the race calls instead at the nearby asteroid base Moore's Charm, located adjacent to the gas giant's rings.

The asteroid base Moore's Charm, located adjacent to the rings of Luchtaine A 1.
The third stop on the race is a challenging high-gravity environment, at the planetary port Brazilian Dream on the ringed high metal content world Santos Dumont 6. The surface gravity here is 2.98g but the view is spectacular, as the base is located at high latitude and has a good view of the rings.

The planetary port Brazilian Dream, on Santos Dumont 6, currently has the highest surface gravity of any settlement in Colonia.
After the high-gravity of the previous stop, comes a more complex low-gravity environment, with Vera Rubin Complex which is located on one of a pair of binary moons orbiting Garuda A 1. At 0.06g, this is the lowest gravity port of call in the race. This port is almost always on the dark side of the moon (it may be possible for it to be on the daylight side but it is very difficult to predict when this might happen).

The planetary port Vera Rubin Complex, on Garuda A 1 b, which is a binary moon with A 1 a seen in shadow in the background, with the gas giant A 1 in the distance.
Another relatively low gravity planetary port follows, with Pedersen's Legacy on Mobia A 1 a. This metal-rich moon is notable for its bright colour, its close orbit of its parent planet and is potato shape. The base can be found inside a crater that is, in turn, inside one of the largest impact craters on the moon.

Pedersen's Legacy on Mobia A 1 a is located in a crater inside one of the largest impact craters on this small, metal-rich moon.
The final planetary port in the race is Fort Mug, located on the surface of the innermost planet of Eol Procul Centauri, which is named Hutton Moon. This is a moderately high gravity environment, with a surface gravity of 1.31g. The planet is tidally locked and the base is on the dark side.

Fort Mug on the planet Hutton Moon, the innermost world in Eol Procul Centauri, is a moderately high gravity environment and is in perpetual night thanks to tidal locking.
The penultimate port of call is the Orbis station Mortimer's Charm. Located adjacent to the rings of Kinesi 5, it commands spectacular views of this Earth-like World.

Mortimer's Charm in orbit of a rare ringed Earth-like World, Kinesi 5, is the only Orbis station in the race, located adjacent to the planet's rings.
Finally, the race ends where it all began in Colonia: Jaques station. Ever since its famous misjump, this station has remained in a highly-inclined orbit of the ringed gas giant now known as Colonia 4. There are several tourist beacons close to the station and tour ships can be seen approaching and leaving the station constantly. There is a detention centre in a nearby system if you should have an 'accident' on approach! Jaques also harbours a Guardian Tech Broker and has some of the best outfitting in the region but Colonia still lacks many A-rated modules.

Jaques station seen against the backdrop of the ringed gas giant Colonia 4, has a polar orbit that often provides spectacular views of the gas giant's ring system.
Submitting a Race Entry
The race is an ongoing standing challenge, so entries are welcome at any time. Please declare an intent to race in this thread, in order that other participants can look out for you on the course. It is not required if you prefer not to, however. Race entries are submitted by sending a PM to me on the Frontier Forums with the following information:
  • CMDR name
  • Race Mode (Classic or Unlimited)
  • Ship name
  • Ship type
  • Race time
  • Link to race evidence (video or screenshots, see below)
Race Evidence: the following information must be provided by screenshots (taken with the F10 key in-game on PC, console versions have alternative bindings) or be visible on a video. Screenshots can no longer be hosted on the forum and must be uploaded elsewhere (e.g. Imgur or equivalent) and a link provided. Video entries should be uploaded to a suitable video-hosting service (e.g. YouTube or equivalent) and the link provided.
  • Outfitting of the ship showing the Core Internal and Optional Internal modules, with the jump range visible. Alternatively, the modules list in the right hand panel is acceptable. (1 or 2 screenshots)
  • The ship on the pad, docked, at the Dove Enigma megaship showing the clock: this will be your start time. (1 screenshot)
  • The ship on the pad, docked, at each of the above locations, showing the clock, in order. (7 screenshots)
  • The ship on the pad, docked, at Jaques station showing the clock. This will be your finish time. (1 screenshot)
This requires a total of 10 or 11 screenshots, depending on how the module information is captured, if video is not used. For examples of suitable screenshots when submitting race evidence, see also the Buckyball Racing Club's website.

Taking a Rebuy
There are some challenging locations on the course and the possibility of ship destruction awaits at every landing. This will not necessarily invalidate the run. So that deliberate destruction gives no advantage, the following rules apply:
  • If you respawn ahead of yourself on the course, e.g. at the location you were attempting to land at or reach next, the run is void.
  • Respawning at your previous port of call is allowed.
  • Respawning at a Detention Centre is allowed.

Additional Notes​
The longest jump between waypoints is 39.56 LY.
Ships may repair and refuel at any waypoint with those facilities (be aware that some may not have them).
Ship-to-ship repairing and refueling is permitted.
Submissions should be made within five days of making a run. (May be subject to change, with experience).
Use of the wing beacon to skip supercruise journeys or part thereof is not permitted.

Many thanks to AkenBosch for alterations and improvements to the race banner.

Classic Ship Type Records
Unlimited Ship Type Records
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This looks excellent @Edelgard von Rhein, it's great to finally have a BRC race in the Colonia Nebula.

I've been planning to reset my alt account and participate in the Colonia Sidie challenge for ages (since that began!), but never got around to it. This will hopefully give me the encouragement to give it a go and see what Colonia is like these days. There was only Jacques there when Cmdr Raiko last visited.

If I do make it out there is a classic sidewinder, I'm not 100% sure that I'll have the courage to risk wrecking it in a classic run. :unsure:

It I ever make another A* Challenge run as Cmdr Raiko, I'll be sure to fly home via Colonia as well. I definitely plan to get The Nomad onto your leaderboard.
Well my old Mac OSX alt account is out there, I left the bubble shortly after Jaques was discovered, so before it was even Colonia: no engineering unlocked (OSX couldn't buy Horizons), so I guess i'll be doing a classic entry :cool:
Well my old Mac OSX alt account is out there, I left the bubble shortly after Jaques was discovered, so before it was even Colonia: no engineering unlocked (OSX couldn't buy Horizons), so I guess i'll be doing a classic entry :cool:
There are planetary ports that you need to land at, so Horizons is required, I'm afraid.
The first person to complete The Colonia Trophy Dash is crotalus and in both categories with the same ship! The engineering on the Imperial Courier Iris has only just begun, I suspect, and the difference in the times was small. The run included awkward night-time landings, in particular at the high-g Santos Dumont 6, so this was not the easiest time for a first try.

The leaderboards are now all present in the OP and also here:



I'm not sure how often to update the scoreboards at the moment and it will depend on activity in future but I wanted to get the first effort on there asap.
Classic Sidewinder and Beluga runs done both ships bought and outfitted at Jaques
Is there any time limit between run completion and submission?
For now I think a five day time limit should be ample, though I may change that if it turns out to be too much. I think it should be fine though, as it allows you to finish a run late on Sunday and then submit on Friday after working all week.


Volunteer Moderator
I have been pootling my way around the galaxy again for the last 9 months or so and a few days ago I found myself in the Colonia area. I was going to land at Jaques first, before heading out to Dunker's Rest, I was hoping to bump into Cmdr. Lewis there but missed him. But on my way into the system I noticed the Dove Enigma megaship was here, I forgot it was parked out here. The last time I visited here was just after the Unknown Artefact incident around the time of the megaship's inception. As soon as news of that broke I got in touch with the council at Canonn who were already mobilising the troops. Within an hour there were almost a hundred Cmdrs heading out with their ships fitted with as many Meta Alloys as they could carry. A couple of hours later I joined them, Buckyballing on a mission! The journey was also a lot quicker than it was during The Long Haul!

Ah, that passed the Supercruise journey, always fun to reminisce. I landed at the megaship and thought I'd see what's been going on, but I knew something was up as soon as I landed. There was lots of ships around, a lot of hustle and bustle, people were excited about something. Well it didn't take me long to find out about this race, must be fate me turning up here right now.

So... Stating my intent to race.

Cmdr Name: Ozric
Race Mode: Unlimited
Ship Type: Asp Explorer
Ship Name: Isil

Got to be worth a shot, it will be nice to get Isil back onto a race leaderboard again.
She is my exploration ship and I got her in February 3301, I used to race it loads and would always run in my Exploration fit (which includes a pair of, frankly useless, Burst lasers that I've carried out of habit and fear from a warning Mike Brookes gave us many years ago). It may not be the fastest way, but it made my day to day flying so much better because I knew the ships limits and how it handled. It saved my backside on more than one occasion out in the void. It's probably got about another 600k Ly on the clock since the last time I raced it, and a few new upgrades installed too.

My biggest concern is that I finally relented and got g4 Dirty Drive upgrades done to the Thrusters, it's very handy for flying over planet's surfaces looking for interesting features, but as I find out the hard way whenever I return to civilisation. I can't squeeze that one extra boost in before I enter the station! My girl ain't built for slowing down quickly...

I may stick around the area for a while and try some Classic runs too as I'm here.
After a number of attempts by crotalus in Classic and with one Unlimited submission from Ozric, I've updated the leaderboards:



All of crotalus' ships were outfitted exclusively at Jaques station, so there is some room for improvement in modules, such as life support. The high-g landings at Brazilian Dream occasionally dented his ships (especially the Cobra MkIII, which had 17% hull remaining on touchdown), though I also see his Beluga took heavy damage on the first stop, at Colonia Dream.
Both pilots report that their attempts were not ideal, with mistakes and problems ranging from obscured targets to dropping out of orbital cruise very far from the target port. Even so these early times are setting a benchmark that other pilots might find challenging to compete with.
Fly fast! o7


Volunteer Moderator
I submitted another couple of runs today. Both of them still leave a lot to be desired...

I had another couple of attempts at the Unlimited run, only completed one of them. I had 3 obscured jumps leaving planets! and I dropped out of OC at too high an angle on one too, at 25Km from the star port. I still managed to improve though, so I thought I should submit it :)

Then I thought I'd pick a ship that Crotalus hadn't raced yet and give that a go, so I made an entry in the Classic Dolphin class. I took the lead from Crotalus and outfitted it entirely at Jaques and had no issues buying all the things I wanted. I had the same 3 obscured jumps this time as well on top of an interdiction and a missed drop out of SC :(

I hope that the next time I get a chance to race the alignment is kinder to me.
Then I thought I'd pick a ship that Crotalus hadn't raced yet and give that a go, so I made an entry in the Classic Dolphin class. I took the lead from Crotalus and outfitted it entirely at Jaques and had no issues buying all the things I wanted. I had the same 3 obscured jumps this time as well on top of an interdiction and a missed drop out of SC :(

I hope that the next time I get a chance to race the alignment is kinder to me.

I did a Dolphin run earlier plus Keelback, Asp Scout, Krait phantom, Krait MK2 and Orca, none of the runs were good, I even had Colonia obscured on one of them
I am sure your Dolphin time was better than mine

All runs now submitted

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It has only been a few days and CMDR crotalus has made another six runs in Classic with different ships, bought and outfitted in Colonia. Of note of these attempts was a narrow scrape in the high gravity at Brazilian Dream, that saw the Krait Phantom C Celeste touch down with only 7% hull. Otherwise, the runs were fairly consistent across different ship types, with only four and half minutes separating his fastest run, in the Asp Scout C Hecla, with his slowest, in the Keelback C Carina. Even this latter attempt was faster than five of his previous attempts, leaving all but his Cobra MkIII C Ashei and Imperial Courier Isis lagging behind.

The big movement on the Classic leaderboard comes at the front where two new CMDRs have announced their presence. CMDR Ozric now has second place with his Dolphin Where's My Dorsal, just over two minutes faster than the Dolphin time set by CMDR crotalus in the C Delphinus earlier in the same day. CMDR Ozric's Dolphin was also the first to break the 40 minute barrier and he reported fewer obscured targets than his Unlimited attempts (see below). CMDR Ozric did not have long at the top and the new leader is CMDR Darplata94 in his DBX Atrox II with a time of 37:33. Congratulations!

Activity in the Unlimited section is between Ozric and CMDR Darplata94 again, with both reporting up to five obscured targets and even interdictions hampering their runs and slowing them down. CMDR Darplata94 achieve a time of 36:17 in his highly engineered DBX Rolled Gold, after making several attempts affected by unfavourable planetary alignments. CMDR Ozric again flew an Asp Explorer, the White Dwarf Hunter and improved his time to 35:46. The separation between these two pilots is less than can be lost from a single obscured target, so planetary alignments may yet play a significant effect in attempts to top the leaderboard in both classes.



Many thanks for the entry CMDR Junagu and welcome to the Buckyball Racing Club!
Your time is now on the leaderboard: it has been a quiet few days and there are no other entries in the offing, though several CMDRs who have taken part in races are out in Colonia at the moment. Planetary alignments are unusually important to this race and almost everyone who has so far taken part has felt that they could do much better.
Fly fast!



Volunteer Moderator
I managed to get a pretty good run in my Asp this afternoon. I managed to cut down the number of obscured jumps to 2, and although there were still a few errors with the run I was pretty pleased with it. I think if I got a run without any obscured jumps I may be able to push the 30 minute mark, which considering she's an explorer I'd be more than happy with.

I also decided to buy a Mamba and give that a race (apologies for the shockingly lazy name), got to spend those credits somehow... I brought and fitted one at Jaques and although it meant I couldn't get the D rated Life Support, or Sensors, I manage to get a nifty ship out of it. This is my first time flying a Mamba outside of the beta it was introduced in, and for it's size I have to say it handles itself really well. I think it might actually lose something during engineering, it feels like there's a fine balance there.

Well the first run was a disaster :D 2 obscured jumps, an interdiction, too fast for Orbital Cruise, too fast for Glide twice... I was going to call it a night, but I thought I'd have one more go while I knew the jumps were somewhat aligned. I still dropped out of Orbital Cruise for being too fast (which I dispute!) and had the 2 obscured jumps, there's definitely a lot of room for others to improve on it, but it's a reasonable first entry :)

Thanks a lot again for setting this course up Edelgard, it's very tricksy. It's certainly a good one for a standing challenge.

I did also have a close call in Isil on my way out of one station. I saw a T6 in my peripheral vision as I was about to enter the hangar to turn around. I hesitated hitting boost to see if I needed to avoid it, but decided to just plow through :D

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