Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Colonia Trophy Dash

Today's update sees the second Adder run in Unlimited, this time by CMDR crotalus who improves the ship's standing considerably, now placing it ahead of the Imperial Courier and only two seconds adrift of his own Alliance Challenger run, with a time of 37:23 in the Ada. Fresh from a Sgr A* run, the Ada nevertheless has room for further engineering, so improved times are certainly possible. Nice flying CMDR!

In today's update, CMDR crotalus has put the Keelback Carina through its paces. It comes in at 12th on the leaderboard with a respectable 38:11 that is faster than the Diamondback Scout and two of the three Imperial Couriers on the board. The ship's shields were tested at Fort Mug but held and no damage was sustained during the run. The ship has a very good jump range but its normal space speed retains some room for improvement, so there is the possibility for this ship to move up the board in future. Good flying CMDR! o7

The first update of 3307 is here with a run from CMDR crotalus made on Jan 2nd in his Python Pythia in the Unlimited category. Setting a personal best time of 34:51, he moves into 5th place in the overall ranking, after taking a hard landing at Brazilian Dream but elsewhere his shields held. There is a bit of gap still to Ozric's Asp Explorer in 4th place but this was a very good performance from the versatile Python showing that on this course it can hold it's own. Nice flying CMDR! o7

Formally submitting my intent to give this some serious attempts over the next few days.

I'm out here on my "Going to Colonia" adventure and have decided it's about time I had a go at this.

I had a quick practice run yesterday and my first serious go today so a first attempt has now been submitted but there's definitely room for improvement.

I'm currently flying the ship I came out here in, a Krait Mk II named Outworn Dalliances.

In today's update, CMDR Alec Turner, visiting the Colonia region for the first time, has made a worthy attempt in Unlimited with his Krait MkII Outworn Dalliances. His time of 35:30 places him in 8th place overall and this was with some obscured jumps - also he seems to have have night-time landings at every stop. This is a decent first effort and very close to CMDR Aken B.'s Orca time, so well done, CMDR. He intends to improve on his time and there are other CMDRs also out on the course so this could be an interesting few days. Fly fast!

It is not often to have updates in quick succession but there has been an increase in activity on the course. All the action has been in Unlimited.

Firstly, CMDR Max Bothin makes his debut in his Asp Explorer Mustang Sally, normally a pirate ship and showing a good turn of speed here with a time of 42:21. Welcome to the Buckyball Racing Club CMDR and I hope you enjoyed taking part! Next up, CMDR Alec Turner has improved his time in his Krait MkII Outworn Dalliances by a minute, now placing 5th with a time of 34:30, though still suffering from obscured jumps. Finally, regular racer CMDR crotalus has brought his Alliance Chieftain Libertas to Colonia and her time of 35:07 is just one second faster than that of his Eagle MkII, Harpy.

CMDR Alec Turner feels that his Krait MkII has yet more time to give and he is not the only CMDR out on the course, so more updates may yet be in the offing. Fly fast CMDRs! o7

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