Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Colonia Trophy Dash

At long last, I've finally submitted a run for the Trophy Dash. Not a fast one, but Type-9s are fun!

I'm currently docked on a FCOC Colonia-Bubble Shuttle FC, on my way the New Pilots Hustle, but I'll be back in Colonia next week for some more attempts in faster ships, and to hopefully improve my first Type-9 run in Baymax.

Thanks for a really great race @Edelgard von Rhein, I really enjoyed it and look forward to more attempts very soon. o7
Glad you enjoyed the race CMDR Raiko!
With your entry being the first of 3308 the New Year sees the first entry of any of the Lakon Transporters and it is the Type 9, Raiko's Baymax that has been helping out in the current Colonia CG, so not an easy vessel in the challenging gravity-breaking and high-g environments in places. The Baymax had a close call at Brazilian Dream, surviving the plunge from altitude at speed with 22% hull remaining and had to cope with overshooting and three obscured jumps. CMDR Raiko believes that the Baymax is capable of a sub-40 min time, which would mean passing CMDR crotalus' Imperial Cutter but is planning to take part in the current BRC event first. At 34th in the Unlimited table, the Cutter is the next clear target at 39:58, although this run surpassed much smaller ships, including an Imperial Courier, so well done to CMDR Raiko! o7
CMDR Raiko ran this race in Odyssey.

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