Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Wiccan Ware Race, 12–22 January 3305


... the fastest ships in the Alliance ...

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'So, ship racing, eh? Where do kids race today?

'"Buckyball Racing"? Ah, guess I've heard of that. Aren't those these hotheads which appeared a few years back? "Mischief Mile", "Kessel Run", yeah? Thought so.

'You know, I've been doing quite a bit of racing in my time. Was different back then. We didn't have these fancy frameshift drives. Took a week to go just a dozen light-years. And anyone exceeding 30 million meters per second got a nice badge. Heh.

'What races we did? Ah, you ever heard of the Wiccan Ware Race? That was the big one. Nothing compared to that. People prepared years just for that. Dangerous, too. People got shot, 'cause nobody checked.

'Basically went from Gateway to Alioth. Had to have a ship which could do it in a single jump and then do a number on your thrusters for the leg in-system. They started to include a stint to Soholia after some sort of medical emergency and a bunch of racers helping out. Good thing, too. They could use some good press.

'What's become of it? Eh, don't know. They were still going when I quit. But haven't heard much about it since some time. Who knows? Might still be going.'

'Thank you, sir. This has been really interesting.'

'Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to be blunt. Dreamware is past its golden days. Nobody uses Stardreamer anymore and all you have left are contracts with a few semi-retired bands more known for nostalgia than anything else. A new Jjagged Bbanner compilation every few years doesn't cut it anymore.'

'What are you talking about. We are the biggest label in the Alliance, we generate solid profits year after year. I believe we are doing just fine.'

'Well, granted, your base is solid. Yet. But how long until some Imperial Label sees the time come to expand into Alliance Space? Do you think you have any chance to resist even just one of them?'

'Be so kind and leave that to us. Anyway, what do you suggest?'

'What you need is new blood. Dreamware must become the first choice producer for young talent again. You must return into people's consciousness. What you need, is news.'

'What, you want us to raise some scandal or the like? I very much hope I'm misunderstanding.'

'No, no scandals. Dreamware used to be known for daring publicity stunts, for being active outside music business. What I am talking about is the Wiccan Ware Race. I want to help you, to bring it back.'

'What are you talking about, bringing it back? Dreamware held a Wiccan Ware Race one year ago. It was an astounding success. The number of accidents was at an all-time low.'

'Well, it's easy to have few accidents if nobody participates.'

'What did you say?'

'Show me one Galnet article, or even one from the Herald mentioning the Wiccan Ware Race. It's been forgotten. Nobody talks about it. All that's left are some youngsters from Alioth who want to take Mama's new ship for a spin. Nobody takes it serious anymore. But I want to help you change that. I want to bring the Wiccan Ware Race back to the forefront of ship racing.'

'So, what are you suggesting?'

'Have you ever heard of the Buckyball Racing Club?'

'No! No! No! You are talking about taking the soul out of the Wiccan Ware Race. For over one hundred years, the finish was in Alioth. This is about bringing culture to the cultural heart of the Alliance, after all.'

'To be honest, personally, I don't consider Jjagged Bbanner a highlight of Alliance culture, but that might just be me.'

'It doesn't matter. This race has a century-long tradition we have to respect.'

'But we are trying to attract today's racing elite. And they don't want Alioth.'

'Then they should learn to want it. It should be an honour to race in memory of Wiccan Ware and Soholia.'

'About that, by the way. We're going to change the name back to "Wiccan Ware Race".'

'What? Why?'

'Because "The Soholia Relieve Memorial Event in Remembrance of the Heroes of the Wiccan Ware" is – among other things – too long for any poster.'

'Well, to be fair, I never liked that name either.'

'See, not all change is bad.'

'Oh, one thing: That logo on your advertisement material …'

'Which one?'

'That one.'

'Oh, that's the Buckyball logo.'

'Are you affilliated with said Buckyball?'

'Well, no. But all ship races these days use this logo.'

'That's probably because all ship races these days involve this Buckyball Racing Club.'

'You sure about that?'

'Pretty sure, yeah!'

'And that means?'

'You can't just use somebody else's logo and put it into you advertisement. That's prohibited pretty much everywhere!'

'Ah, it can't be that bad.'

'Yes, it is that bad. If you want to use the logo, you better have this race organised by them. If not, remove it.'

'But, without that logo nobody will participate!'


'Ok, ok, I call them.'

'You better! Anyway, about Alioth …'

'Ugh …'

'Ladies and Gentlemen. Fasten your seat-belts. The race is on again!

'In the name of Dreamware and the Buckyball Racing Club I am honoured to announce the 3305 edition of the Wiccan Ware Race, lasting from 12 to 22 January 3305.

'Dreamware, always at the forefront of bringing entertainment to its consumers has joined a partnership with the well-known authority of ship racing, the Buckyball Racing Club, in order to introduce this century old tradition to a new generation of racing enthusiasts all around inhabited space (excluding Colonia).

'Never shy of change while keeping memory of the Heroes of Soholia alive, we have introduced careful adjustments to the course to bring a fresh spin to our viewers' enjoyment. Here goes for another century!

'(Tickets are available at all Interstellar Factors.)'
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Race details


The Buckyball Racing Club welcomes all pilots to the 3305 racing season! Ever wanted to fly really fast? Ever wanted to test your flying skills? Ever wanted to see what is possible with the old Sidewinder? Then you are right where you belong – at the Wiccan Ware Race:

  • Start at Dublin Citadel, Gateway.
  • Fly to Soholia and sell Advanced Medicines at a commodity market.
  • Return to Dublin Citadel.
  • Transport Domestic Appliances to the final (class dependent) goal station.
  • Do it as fast as possible.
[Classes] [Detailed route description] [Transportation requirements] [Ships and outfitting] [Further rules] [Required screenshots and submission] [Duration]


Racers can participate in two race classes: Regular and Open. The main differences are:
  • Choice of ships and outfitting in Regular are restricted – everyone able to spend 200,000 credits can fly a competitive ship. No engineering, no unlockable modules.
  • The amount of Advanced Medicines transported to Soholia depends on class (and ship).
  • Open requires the permit to enter the Alioth system.

Detailed route description

The race always starts in Dublin Citadel in the Gateway system. It is not possible to fly in reverse.

Fly to any port which sells Advanced Medicines. Buy enough to satisfy the requirements detailed in 'Transportation requirements'.

Fly to Soholia and sell Advanced Medicines at any commodity market.

Buy one tonne of Domestic Appliances at any commodity market – two stations in Soholia sell these.

Dock at Dublin Citadel in Gateway. Open commodity market and scroll to Domestic Appliances. Depart immediately after.

Dock at the goal station and sell the single tonne of Domestic Appliances. The goal station depends on class. Regular finishes at Vasilyev Vision in the LP 131-66 system. Open finishes at Aachen Town in the Alioth system.

Transportation requirements

The amount of Advanced Medicines which needs to be sold in Soholia depends on race class and ship.

For Regular, the following amount is required:
  • Sidewinder: 12
  • Eagle: 4
  • Hauler: 22
  • Adder: 26
  • Imperial Eagle: 14
  • Viper MkIII: 4

For Open, the requirements are as follows:
  • Sidewinder: 12
  • All others: 16

Ships and outfitting

The main difference between race classes concern the equipment allowed to be used by racers.

  • The overall cost for ship plus outfitting may not exceed 200,000 credits without applying discounts. You are still permitted to use discounted equipment, but said discount will not factor into eligibility to participate in this class.
  • Engineered modules are not permitted.
  • Modules which need to be unlocked – e.g. Guardian technology or Power Play modules – are not permitted.
  • Any item not available to a new commander (barring credit cost) is not permitted.

No restrictions. Guardian FSD boosters are allowed.

Further rules

  • Synthesis recipes are not permitted.
  • Station repair and refuel is allowed.
  • FSD supercharging is allowed.

Required screenshots and submission

In order to document a single run, screenshots of certain game-play situations are required:
  • Regular only: A screenshot of the right hand modules panel (as many as it takes to show all modules). This is the one used to calculate ship cost.
  • A screenshot of the ship's cockpit right before take-off. The displayed time is used as starting time.
  • A screenshot of any commodity market showing an empty cargo hold. (Ideally right before buying Advanced Medicines.)
  • A screenshot of any of Soholia's commodity markets, displaying a transaction window showing the sale of the required amount of Advanced Medicines.
  • A screenshot of the commodity market in Dublin Citadel, showing a single tonne of Domestic Appliances in the cargo hold.
  • A screenshot of the goal station's commodity market, showing one tonne of Domestic Appliances in the cargo hold. The time displayed on this screen is the finish time.
Naturally, times displayed on all screenshots must be in chronological order.

In total, Regular requires at least six screenshots, Open requires exactly five.

It is strongly suggested to record a video of a run in order to avoid having to fiddle with screenshots during these key moments. The required images can be extracted from such a video recording.

In order to submit a run and be displayed on the leaderboard, upload the screenshots to any image hosting site and send me a PM containing links to the screenshots as well as the following information:
  • Commander name
  • Race class
  • Ship type
  • Ship name
  • Ship ID (for liability purposes)
  • Number of interdictions
  • Comment to be displayed on the leaderboard (at race organiser's discretion)


Submitted runs must show a start time between 12 January 3305 00:00:00 UTC and 22 January 3305 23:59:59 UTC. Submission closes on 23 January 3305 03:30:00 UTC.
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Intent to race (but no idea which ship I'll bring, out on a short exploration trip right now, should be back in a couple of days).
CMDR Edelgard von Rhein
mode: Open
Balls, totally failed to spot this race thread appearing, sorry!

Count me in and I'll see if I can get a bit of a publicity machine rolling for it later today. Might not be able to update the Buckyball website until Monday but never mind.
Skimmed the rules - start here, go there, buy stuff, go there, sell stuff buy stuff, go there, finish. Got it. Let's do this thing!:cool:
Ditto to your first expletive.If we put it on the calendar i might make it for next year.Nice and simple, but i'm nowhere near.Can i intent to intent to race this one in 2020?:)
Have Fun and fly bucky.
I'd love to participate, but... DWE2. Somehow, i let myself being drafted as a helper. Will watch you from xxxxx xxxxx [classified]. Fly fast, CMDRs!
'I am currently standing right here in the docks of Dublin Citadel, where numerous racers (and their assorted fans) are furiously working to get their ships ready for the race. I have received reports of the first participant already crossing the finishing line in Alioth. Things are bound to heat up very quickly now. Expect crashes. Expect explosions. Expect a race!

'We've also received the following announcement:
'"Dear racing fans,
The 3305 Wiccan Ware Race has started and we are proud to bring all the action live to you along with all the background info a fan could ever wish for.
Unfortunately, we have found out that our contracted leaderboard producers have not delivered a product which meets our quality standards. Fortunately, the individuals responsible are employed under Federation legislation and therefore have been sacked immediately. We will bring you full standings as soon as possible. We would like to apologise for the brevity of the leaderboard until then.
Please enjoy the first days of the Wiccan Ware Race."

'That's it. And here are the standings:'

1Commander SuluFish172Anabasii CelesteImperial CourierSU-0516'

1JFoxJay FoxRace MarshallViper MkIIIREFREE20'
[sub]'Wait, why is it saying "Race Marshall"?' 'Shh, just go with it. Boss just said "Need to fly my own course at least once" and off he went.' 'But, that can't be allowed, can it?' 'Don't know. Just wait 'till Monday, ok?'[/sub]

Note: I'm without proper internet access until at least Wednesday (*curse provider here*). Proper service will resume on Monday. Until then excuse my lack of replies to PM.
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Managed two runs last night. These are the types of race I enjoy - station hopping :)

Plan to get a couple more runs in later, head over to DWE 2 launch, then back Monday for a couple more Bucky runs. Should be no problem in catching up with the DWE fleet and joining their CG later in the week.
Guess this will be my last race in the bubble till mid-year :-(
Hey 'Rex, where you been man?

Taking a couple days to unwind Dave, say get me one of those famous mixes of yours.

Been keeping up with the news 'Rex? *slides some bubbling concoction down the bar

Nah Dave, haven't looked at Galnet in a few days. *eyes said drink suspiciously

You need to, Buckyball posted a new race couple of days ago.

Really? *fires up a terminal

Well, looks interesting. Kinda late to the game... Not sure I'll be able to get 'Greased Lightning' re-configured for this one, worth a shot though. *absentmindedly slams drink, then coughs

Well, that wasn't nearly as bad as it looked. See ya Dave, got some planning to do...

Intent to race, Open class, in a Mamba.

This could be... Interesting.
intent to make a comeback and then disappear again!

I have officially set off on DW2 but while the servers where down i was browsing the forum and thought "**** it, why not?" The first way point is only 90 jumps away and i've got nearly a week to do 2 hrs travel! Might as well burn some Void Opal credits smashing into toast racks! The Rebuy Prospect is high (;) see what i did there?)

probably in my trust DBX Acieed!

see you you there, fly fast and funky

managed to burn the first of my credits by not getting docking permission and entering the station at Dublin Citadel illegally. 500cr down the swanny [cool]. this little ships are a bit more 'nippy' than my Annie
Alas very little time to get in the cockpit this weekend and I've got sucked into pursuit of an unexpected permit so I'm gonna see if I can get that finished tomorrow and then head to the race for Tuesday. I was gonna go Mamba (for a laugh) but a) it seems I'm not the first to find that idea appealing and b) I could imagine losing a day just outfitting and tuning the ship so I'll probably go for something like a DBX now. I reserve the right to completely change my mind tho!

... "Congratulations Mr Turner, and if you take this form to the customer care area they'll issue you with your complimentary Isinor key fob. Mr Turner? Hey ... come back ... DON'T FORGET YOUR KEY FOB!" ... "huh, well he seemed in a rush to be somewhere else!".

Meanwhile, in the Gateway system ...


Nice to see you've put some banners up for this Jay!
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