The Chapter Two Treasure Hunt Competition

I think it is still time to change the rules a bit, it will be difficult to find many pilots who can present 4 different subjects in an interesting way, so this will become very elite challenge :)
I for example cannot find any joy in shooting Challenger, I simply don't like the ship.

How about show 3 out of 4 rule? Nobody done 4 so far, so no harm done :)
Here are my entries. (click to enlarge)

Brand new challenger leaving the assembly line.

Soon this Krait will be floating away with the federation's garbage.

Pretty sure this berserker scout has a good view of my hardpoints too.

Must be the installation where they are farming onion head in Kappa Fornacis.
Don't have access to any of the new ships at the moment. 30,000ly from Colonia towards Beagle Point. I'll post a couple anyway. :)

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Probably been asked already but I right in thinking I need a challenger screenshot to complete the set and be able to enter this competititon legitimately?
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