The Colonia Citizens Network is proud to announce the Colonia Olympics 3303

Announcing the Colonia Olympics

In February 3303, CCN will host one of the largest sporting events the galaxy has ever seen.

The Colonia Olympics will be held from Saturday 18th to Saturday 25th February, in various locations across Colonia. The ‘Nations’ competing will be each of the Groups who have succeeded in establishing a presence in Colonia via the Colonia Expansion Initiative.

For those groups that have not managed to establish a presence in Coloina, they are welcome to register to take part to see where they place in the unofficial leader board.

‘Athletes’ will compete for their Group at a variety of events throughout the week, including Canyon Racing, Flight Assist-Off Limbo, SRV Base Jumping, Off-Road Racing, Splat The Rat and King Of The Hill.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded for each event, and the Group with the most medals by the end of the week will be crowned the winner at the grand Closing Ceremony, on February 25th!

EU events will be held at 20:00 IGT and US events at 23:00 IGT. To register your group’s interest, please contact Cmdr Wishblend on CCN.

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If you are planning to take part, add your details to the sheet below:-

Events Guide

Points Table

New updated sign up form.

Added ship requirements for the races, ship stock only for a even playing field.

The Colonia Olympics will be held in the ccnroleplay private group.


Final points table.
Congratulations to Cmdr Nimmerzeth and the ICU Colonial Corps for winning the Colonia Olympics 3303
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That was ridiculous. And fantastic. And fantastically ridiculous. Although, when I saw the 'Conda setup I thought they'd all be flying upside down and FA-off backpedalling for that proper limbo feel. I'd be so in if it wasn't for the voyage to Colonia.
That's fine, you don't have to turn up as we have a nice big community already out here in Colonia and we are offering others to come and enjoy the show.
Most of the community is heads up deep in searching for formidine rift sites and alien ruins. My last post was meant more as an observation that the only posts on this thread seem to be more a daily bump than anything else
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