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Count me in!

Dragged myself in a bit after the first convoy got there, now doing some quiet mining before I get my exploring mojo back -
burned myself out a little trying to buckyball 20,000 ly!

Taz o7
I'm still heading back to the bubble from Jaques in the cargo hauling Python I took out there to pick up my exploration Vulture ship. Not sure what I'll do after that. Maybe take part in that small ship expedition. There are some systems I want to revisit near the galactic core too, so I might stop by Jaques around then.

Best of luck.
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I was Waiting for some sort of Group to form Around Jaques Station <;3

didnt want to start one myself tho.. as its just my Secondary goal in the game which might take alot of time away in the upcomming months
What's next ,"Buy a Mug " ,"Poster ", I have a table for sale " , when were we allowed to tout our own money making ideas? (btw I do have a table to go lol )
A nice idea. I will join you when I come back from the CEECKIA sector (in serveral weeks, I guess). Just a question: will the current membres of kamzel be added to the new group or will I need to reapply?
I'm not ready to move permanently out of the Bubble of Human Origin yet, but one thing I've been wondering about 2.2's passenger missions is, along with tourism, will there be long distance missions delivering passengers wanting to settle in Colonia?...
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