The Colonia Connection Route Map

If I go from bubble to Colonia, all that info I collect, is it worth the same 21ly away from origin as it is at colonia 22k ly? TY
There isn't a way to search for nearby stations in the galaxy map, is there? (I don't mean by name.)

There is. Just select Government in the galmap instead of star class. This will highlight inhabited systems (within the ball of shown stars) and nothing else. So you may be able to find at least two inhabited systems near two of those six outposts.

You'd think they'd want to incentivize long haul exploration
Bugged me at the beginning too, but: What makes you think they would want to do that? Honest question.

I'm asking because: Anyone spending silly amounts of time far out in the black is usually not driven by monetary motivation anyway. Plus, from an economical point of view, I'd guess information on interesting objects FURTHER away would pay LESS, if anything. What good is an ELW 50kly from inhabited space?
By the way, does this enable a scoop less journey (tanks galore and possibly economic madness)?

I wouldnt recommend doing this run without a good fuel scoop. There are some LONG stretches along it and being able to top your tanks off along the way prevents a distress call to the fuel rats. But that said, if you run out of fuel they will come and try to save you. The remoteness if it though means they may not reach you for hours.
I am about 150 jumps from polo and 350 jumps from colonia. How many jumps from polo to colonia? I ask because it is quite a detour on the galaxy map.
I am about 150 jumps from polo and 350 jumps from colonia. How many jumps from polo to colonia? I ask because it is quite a detour on the galaxy map.

Polo is about 4000lys from Colonia, did it today going the other way and using neutron stars was about 50ish jumps in my 'conda with a 41ish jump range...coming home to the bubble.
I just wanted to say thank you for this thread. I am at Sacaqawea right now, but without this, I would be lost in space somewhere. The next two ports on the route look pretty easy to get to.

This thread and the journey finally got me to start playing with the cameras as well.

I have to say that without this connection highway, I would not have any motivation to complete this passenger journey that I started without knowing what I was getting into (stupid mistake, yet I'm committed at this point). I just hit Amundsen Terminal, and the extra exploration data has been SUPER helpful in covering what I may have made doing missions in the Core Systems bubble. On top of that, I'm seeing things I never imagined, done things I would've avoided otherwise, and while the work is tedious, I'm holding out for the sole purpose of visiting Colonia for the first time.
Am going to use this map tonight :)

Is the map on the first post still the most accurate?
There are three new systems on the route as well, which have orbital stations rather than surface ports.

Rohini - between Eagle and Skaudai
Gandharvi - between Skaudai and Gru Hypue
Kashyapa - between Boewnst and Colonia

(And the Omega Nebula base Distant Worlds have been at recently isn't technically part of the Colonia highway, but it's about halfway between Lagoon and Eagle so you might as well check it out as well)
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