The Colonial Fleet

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The Colonial Fleet was Developed in 3304 by CMDR Choopsha and CMDR Spaceblobs with a single goal in mind:

Explore,Profit,Conquer what awaits us in our journeys among the stars and have fun!



The Fleet is an Independent Squadron; located in the Klamath system. Our Goal is to provide a fun and immersive experience for all commander from Novice to Elite all are welcome! The Fleet conducts the following activities to help new and returning players as well is currently seeking active commanders to help extend these roles:


Background Simulation (Minor Factions)

R&D (Exploration/Xeno/Guardian)

Our Mission is to Explore, Fight and Profit from our journeys among the stars!

All Communications and Operations are handled through Discord if you wish to proceed simply Press Accept
Additionally you can Contact us Via our Website at


Anyone is Welcome to Join the Discord

However for joining the Fleet these are the Requirements

* All Members must be registered on INARA

* All Members Must fill out the Recruitment Census

* Join the Discord (All Communications and Operations are Handled through it)

* Active Members need only apply

Fly Safe & Fly Smart

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