The Combat Triangle - How to make Conflict Zones more Exciting!

Since the dawn of Conflict Zones, these have always been in high orbit around a planet or star(?).

- When we had only the base game I always hoped for Conflict Zones in asteroid belts to spice things up, giving many objects to collide with and fly through/hide behind;
- When Horizons came out I always imagined Conflict Zones at surface level (1km in the air or so) to spice things up with gravity and a surface to stay away from, giving canyons to fly through, etc.

I always found it unfortunate that Conflict Zones didn't get updated with time to make use of belts and planetary surfaces.

To expand on that list now that the Odyssey alpha is closing...

When on-foot gameplay was introduced I always imagined that Conflict Zones would take place on the surface over a larger scale than just the outposts we see now that feel super isolated from the rest of the gameplay and focus only on on-foot vs on-foot combat. Forget about that combat triangle.

I imagined:

- Using ship Conflict Zones at surface level 1km in the air;
- Lots of ships combatting over head;
- A number of small POI bases on the ground at distances of 5-15km apart with additional objectives for on-foot (conquest/capture/hold/retrieve/hack/blow-up);
- Ground objectives must be completed on-foot (people running around and shooting, Scarabs racing around);
- Ships get notified when a POI is about to be taken/attacked/captured and get to provide support from the air;
- This now feels more like a Planetside or Battlefield conflict where players have a purpose of completing objectives and vehicles have a purpose of providing support.

These Conflict Zones would feel more tied in to the game we already have, relying on systems already in place but expanding upon them to complete the "combat triangle" I think we all would like to see.


What are your ideas for this? Are you happy with "just" the small settlement based on-foot Conflict Zones we see now in the Odyssey alpha or are you hoping for more? Do you have different ideas and what do you think of my suggestions?
Considering we have SRVs that can travel at tens (or evens hundreds) of miles per hour and ships that can travel at over a thousand miles per hour it does seem incredibly limiting that the new Odyssey CZ's are focused into such a relatively small area (i.e. a single settlement less than half a mile across). Rather then showcasing the fluid sense of scale that Elite can sometimes convey (that Stellar Forge allows us to transition fairly smoothly from galaxy scale to pebble scale), the Odyssey settlements currently reinforce the feeling that on-foot gameplay is a bolt-on feature, gated off into isolated human scale zones. I'd like to see ground based CZ's extend along an entire valley for example, with multiple settlements involved, using SRV's to protect and hold ground borders between captured settlements while ships are used to fight a battle for high and low altitude supremecy above. Perhaps there could be low-altitude shield generators which need to be taken out using ships in order to allow ground troops to invade each subsequent settlement along the valley? I guess it's entirely possible that Frontier could build on what we have and introduce stuff like this as the CZ equivalent of Horizon's "wing missions" ... larger scale battles designed for groups of players to tackle together?
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